Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week #1

We finally heard from Brody. Those of you who really know Brody know that he is not always the most "glass is half full" type of kid. We were actually able to chat with him for about 45 minutes or so. He did admit that he is settling in a little but the language is pretty tough. Thank Heavens he and Seth Colby are there together. I know that Seth being transferred from Provo to Mexico was a huge blessing for Brody. Seth said it was like a scene from a romantic movie when he saw Brody get show up last week. They ran towards each other and hugged. They were very happy to see a familiar face.  Seth was able to help Brody to his room and talk to him after a long exhausting day of traveling. Thanks for all of your support and prayers in helping us get Brody out on his mission. 


Well this week has been super long and hard on me! Saying goodbye to all of you was the hardest thing that i have ever done. throughout the past week I have been super homesick. I had a perfect life back at home and it was really hard to leave it. To be honest I have absolutely hated this place. We wake up at 6 in the morning and go to bed late, plus my bed us super hard. The first couple of days were the longest days of my life. I have just had to tell myself that I am here for the next two years. I have been really down and have been struggling with the language a lot. I feel like everyone in my class can speak spanish way
Elder Jensen and his friend, Elder Colby
better than me. From what I've heard the hardest part of the MTC is over and it will go by faster. I sure hope it goes fast because I miss all of you guys so much. so i room with three other elders going to the same mission as me... and of course i get the goofiest companion here. he is from Minnesota and apparently everything is so much better up there than anywhere else. he also never stops talking. I told him I was going to punch him and he said that he knows martial arts so I better watch out haha. I've learned to not ask him questions because he will go off for 10 minutes. My favorite part of the day is going to the meals because I get to sit by Elder Colby. We have some good talks. I need to work hard and have confidence in myself and the lord to get through these two years. I love and miss you all like crazy. I'll talk to you soon!

Love, Elder Jensen
Mexico MTC

Mexico MTC

Elder Colby and Elder Jensen 

Elder Jensen's room at the MTC

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