Monday, February 29, 2016

Week #86

Brody is obviously really styling it up his last few months in the mission field. Check out his pictures, you will see what I am talking about. From his clothes to the hair. He sounded really good today. He is really liking the weather out there right now. He was headed to a rec center today to play some basketball. He seems to be really enjoying his mission. 

Hello Everyone,

this past week was a really good one! we found 4 new investigators and set 2 baptismal dates. we set the dates with a single mother named Guadalupe and her son Williams. they came to sports night and we played volleyball and basketball! their date is for the 20th of March, we will see how it goes. we also got to help our recent convert with some service, we went over and painted a fence with them. things here in the mission are going great, i honestly can't believe how fast the time is going and that i only have 4 months left! it hasn't really hit me yet how short of time i have left! it is crazy! Anyways, we have two new Elders in the district, Elder Harolds and Elder Larson. Elder Larson was here 6 weeks ago and now he came back, he is from Genola and went to Payson High! Elder Hopkins and i are doing really good! Not too much is going on here in Atwater at the moment, but all is well! i love and miss you all! and happy 15th birthday to Brennan yesterday! Hopefully he isn't driving soon, because if he is i am worried for your safety! Elder Jensen

The stylish man himself 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Week #85

We finally got to spend some time chatting with Brody today. He seems to be doing great. I thought he was going to be a little down after not getting transferred but he seems to be happy about staying where he is. He asked me how some of you are doing and what was going on here at home. He can't believe how fast the time is starting to go by. He was excited about Karlis game winner at her basketball game. He wanted to know how tall Brennan really is. He was also asking if Camri had made a final decision about college. When Brody has time he always wants to get caught up to speed on whats happening in sports. The weird thing is, he already knows most of it. He has people in his mission that give him the daily Warrior updates. Kind of funny. It was fun to hear from him today. I told him that he better be sending us some pictures next week. He has been slacking on the photos.  On to week 85. Thanks for all of your prayers and support for Brody. 

Well Hello Everyone, 
not too much happened this past week. my companion and i were super nervous about transfer calls. we have been together for two transfers and thought that one of us was going to leave for sure. but we got the call and both of us are going to stay! this next transfer is going to be a week longer than the rest! so we are excited to still be together here in Atwater. Atwater is still as crazy as can be! haha there was a house that blew up this past week in Winton... turns out there was a meth lab! not surprising coming from Winton haha. 
this past week in Gospel Principles a member came in and just started throwing down on everyone and it got super heated. i was just in the corner trying not to get involved. the branch up here is super crazy but it makes it fun. there is always something going on and you never know what to expect! 
i got a call last week from Elder Olsen. he told me that no missionaries near him could do a baptismal interview so i drove down to fresno and interviewed three people for their baptism. that was a really neat experience! i have never interviewed that many people back to back. anyways that is about it for this past week. i hope you are all doing well back at home! take care and have a great week! i love and miss you all! 
Elder Jensen

Monday, February 15, 2016

Week #83

It was kind of a short week for us as far as talking with Brody. We just talked with him on Thursday. Today was his birthday. We had sent some $ down to Nacho to buy Brody a Birthday Cake. We were able to receive some pictures and video of the party last night. I can't believe Brody is 20. Transfer calls come this Saturday. Brody expressed that he is kind of ready to take on a new area but was unsure if he wanted to take the chance on a new companion. His current companion gave him a new tie in the Golden State Warriors colors. Nachos family had dinner and a party for him. I am so thankful to the good people in Livingston and Atwater for taking good care of him. It seems like everywhere Brody has been, he has been able to find a good friend that he can bond with and that puts up with him. Hahaha. Only 4 1/2 months left. On to week 84. Thanks for all of your support..


Hello Everyone, 
so to be honest not too much has happened since last thursday. we have been working super hard and trying to find more people to teach. the weather here is like in the 70's so it feels great outside! i really don't miss all the cold weather that you are all dealing with haha. 
this past sunday we had like a multi stake conference that Elder Renlund spoke at and some 70's. it was broadcasted so it wasn't the normal sunday here in the mission. i also was surprised by a family that i learned my mom had been talking to about my birthday. i was over at their house and we had cake and they all sang to me! it was a good time, and my companion got me a Warriors colored tie haha! well that is really about it for today! i love and miss you all! have a great week!
Elder Jensen

Elder Jensen's 20th Birthday 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Week #82

We heard from Brody today. He had a zone conference this week and went to the temple today. Things seem to be going really well right now. Hard to believe, but he turns 20 on Monday. We haven't been able to chat back and forth for a couple weeks. It was good be able to ask him a few questions. Thanks for your support.
Hello Everyone,
how are you all doing? how is the weather back at home? the weather here is perfect, it is in the 70's and it feels so good. i am not however looking forward to the days of 110 degrees! it has been a while since i have emailed last, that is because we went to the temple today. and when we go to the temple they switch our preparation day. i just got back from the temple about an hour ago. it was a good trip, i only get to go one more time on my mission!
so this past week a lot of good things happened.... i went on three exchanges. i went with the two Elders in my district (Elder Smith and Elder Toombs) and then i went with Elder Pace who is a zone leader. they were all really good exchanges. the zone leaders are YSA so i was doing YSA work. we actually went to a university and taught some people there. it was super weird we were in like dorms and study rooms. but it was cool to be able to talk to and teach people around my same age. last week we had zone conference and that all went well. things here are going really well.
we saw a huge miracle this past week with a lady named Angelica. we have been teaching her for quite a while and the missionaries before us taught her as well. when we started teaching her she wasn't even sure if God existed. and little by little she has changed and she wants to be baptized. the only problem is she is living with a guy that she has been with for over 20 but is not married and does not want to marry him. last night she told us that in March she is going to move out! we were so excited and happy for her! we are teaching a lot of people right now and trying to find more everyday!
i hope all is going well at home! i heard the Broncos won the super bowl.... DANGIT!! well anyways i hope you all have a good week! i would also like to wish a Happy 18th Birthday to Camri this week! i love and miss you all!
Elder Jensen

Monday, February 1, 2016

Week #81

To be honest, not a lot to add to Brody's email this week. I am starting to wonder if he pawned his camera. He hasn't sent pictures for a few weeks. 
Headed to week 82. Thanks for your support. 

Hello Everyone, 
so this past week was super busy! i had a couple of leadership meetings and went down to Fresno. on monday night i got a call from the assistants, which is Elder Mo'o. he asked me if i would give a training in the district leader meeting in Fresno on wednesday. i told him that i would. i was super nervous. i only had one day to prepare and i had to train for 30 minutes in front of all of the district leaders. i trained on effective exchanges. it went pretty well. i was the only district leader that trained. President and Sister Clark and the assistants also gave trainings as well! while i was down in Fresno we went and turned our car in and got a new one! we got a 2016! it had 8 miles on it when i  picked it up!
this past week we also had President interviews. it was a pretty good interview! i can't believe that i only have one more! it was weird because President Clark told me that i have to start planning and doing stuff in order to be ready to go home. i can't believe that time is going so fast! i am getting kind of scared to go home and don't really wanna think too much about it. hahathis past week we set a couple of baptismal dates and found some new investigators. we are always super busy! we still get to have fun by playing sports on our sports night here with the members! this next week is going to be busy as well. we have zone conference! that is pretty much all that has happened lately! i hope you are all doing well! i love and miss you all! have a great week! 
Elder Jensen