Monday, February 22, 2016

Week #85

We finally got to spend some time chatting with Brody today. He seems to be doing great. I thought he was going to be a little down after not getting transferred but he seems to be happy about staying where he is. He asked me how some of you are doing and what was going on here at home. He can't believe how fast the time is starting to go by. He was excited about Karlis game winner at her basketball game. He wanted to know how tall Brennan really is. He was also asking if Camri had made a final decision about college. When Brody has time he always wants to get caught up to speed on whats happening in sports. The weird thing is, he already knows most of it. He has people in his mission that give him the daily Warrior updates. Kind of funny. It was fun to hear from him today. I told him that he better be sending us some pictures next week. He has been slacking on the photos.  On to week 85. Thanks for all of your prayers and support for Brody. 

Well Hello Everyone, 
not too much happened this past week. my companion and i were super nervous about transfer calls. we have been together for two transfers and thought that one of us was going to leave for sure. but we got the call and both of us are going to stay! this next transfer is going to be a week longer than the rest! so we are excited to still be together here in Atwater. Atwater is still as crazy as can be! haha there was a house that blew up this past week in Winton... turns out there was a meth lab! not surprising coming from Winton haha. 
this past week in Gospel Principles a member came in and just started throwing down on everyone and it got super heated. i was just in the corner trying not to get involved. the branch up here is super crazy but it makes it fun. there is always something going on and you never know what to expect! 
i got a call last week from Elder Olsen. he told me that no missionaries near him could do a baptismal interview so i drove down to fresno and interviewed three people for their baptism. that was a really neat experience! i have never interviewed that many people back to back. anyways that is about it for this past week. i hope you are all doing well back at home! take care and have a great week! i love and miss you all! 
Elder Jensen

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