Monday, February 15, 2016

Week #83

It was kind of a short week for us as far as talking with Brody. We just talked with him on Thursday. Today was his birthday. We had sent some $ down to Nacho to buy Brody a Birthday Cake. We were able to receive some pictures and video of the party last night. I can't believe Brody is 20. Transfer calls come this Saturday. Brody expressed that he is kind of ready to take on a new area but was unsure if he wanted to take the chance on a new companion. His current companion gave him a new tie in the Golden State Warriors colors. Nachos family had dinner and a party for him. I am so thankful to the good people in Livingston and Atwater for taking good care of him. It seems like everywhere Brody has been, he has been able to find a good friend that he can bond with and that puts up with him. Hahaha. Only 4 1/2 months left. On to week 84. Thanks for all of your support..


Hello Everyone, 
so to be honest not too much has happened since last thursday. we have been working super hard and trying to find more people to teach. the weather here is like in the 70's so it feels great outside! i really don't miss all the cold weather that you are all dealing with haha. 
this past sunday we had like a multi stake conference that Elder Renlund spoke at and some 70's. it was broadcasted so it wasn't the normal sunday here in the mission. i also was surprised by a family that i learned my mom had been talking to about my birthday. i was over at their house and we had cake and they all sang to me! it was a good time, and my companion got me a Warriors colored tie haha! well that is really about it for today! i love and miss you all! have a great week!
Elder Jensen

Elder Jensen's 20th Birthday 

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