Thursday, August 27, 2015

A member posted this picture on Facebook and said: "Elder Jensen gone wild here in Lindsay, he is a big help to us when he comes to help out." 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week #58

I don't need to say much this week about Brody's email. He did just fine on his own. He seems to be enjoying the work. He sent several pictures this week that you will want to check out on his blog. Thanks for all of you support.

Well this past week has been pretty busy once again. I hope that this e-mail finds you all doing well and enjoying life! We saw a lot of great things this past week. I will start with one... so we recently contacted an inactive family and started teaching them.. there are about 11 people inside of their house. The ward hasn't seen them for years. So we went out there and they fed us dinner and we shared a lesson with them. We found out that the dad's brother and sister both passed away this past week. So it was a really critical time in his life and it is a miracle that we met them when we did. This past Sunday he texted us and told us to save him a row because all 11 of them were gonna come to church! They all came! And 4 of them are not members, it was super awesome! He told us that if we would not have found him that he would have went back to his old habits and started drinking again! This past week I also went on exchanges with Elder Rearte. He is from Argentina. I went down to his area and there was one really cool thing that happened. So we went to try with a referral and we walked up to the gate and I saw two big german shephards so I said there is no way we are going in there haha. At that moment a guy came out of his house next door. He called us over and started talking to us. He told us that he had met with the missionaries a couple of years before for a long time. We then started teaching him and talking about the restoration. When I brought up the first vision of Joseph Smith he said "that is my problem, because Jesus said he was gonna come back again and if he came back to Joseph Smith then he is not going to come a third time, so that can't be true." I then told him that Jesus came back to his Apostles after his death and the guy was dead silent. He started thinking and said you just changed my thinking for the past 9 years. That is true. He then said we could send the English missionaries over to teach him! It was really cool. This past week we had a zone conference as well. Another cool thing that we got to do was go to the Lord's Vineyard. The Lord's Vineyard is a grape vineyard owned by the church and one time every year all of the wards go and pick the grapes! It reminded me of the good old days working on the cherry orchard haha. There were a lot of people there and it is a good thing that we had hispanics because they can cut those grapes faster than you can believe! Today we got to go to the temple! It was good to get to go back! That is about it for this week! I love and miss you all, have a great week! Elder Jensen

Monday, August 17, 2015

Week #57

Brody had a great week. He seems to have a lot going on right now out on his mission. He really likes serving in Lindsay with elder Lybbert. He used the words "love" and "teaching" in the same sentence. He also wanted to send his best to those of you that are starting back to school this week. Only 47 more weeks left. Haha. Thanks for your support. 

Hello everyone,
How are you all doing? This past week was a pretty good one. To start off I will explain the bad part about the week. So this past week we talked to our apartment manager because our AC hasn't been working for the past couple of weeks. so she told us that we could change apartments. so for a couple days this week we were moving all of our stuff... i didn't realize how much stuff was in a missionary apartment! then we got to clean our new apartment... it was like deep cleaning too haha. it was pretty crazy, but the good thing is that we now have AC. this past week i also went on exchanges with the district leader here in Lindsay. it went pretty well. exchanges are usually pretty good. Elder Lybbert and i are still getting along really well and having a lot of fun. we are so open with eachother. on exchanges i told the district leader that i don't want to get transferred because i am enjoying my area and being with my companion a lot! Something really cool that happened this past week is that the ward rented the city pool and had a pool party. it was awkward being the only ones that couldn't swim... a member offered to throw me in so it wasn't my fault haha. but it was really cool because a lot of less actives came and one of the young men that is going on a mission soon invited a family that he works with. the family came and it is a mom and dad with two little boys. during the party we snuck over and introduced ourselves, before we knew it we were teaching her the Restoration. she invited us back and we went and saw them yesterday with the member. we taught all of the restoration and the spirit was super strong, she was crying and accepted to be baptized! there are prepared people everywhere, we just have to find them. i love teaching families. 
this past week i was thinking back a lot on my mission... i asked myself... "why am i here?" i then thought back to why i chose to come on a mission. and it was a neat experience. a lot of the reasons have changed of why i am here. some of the reasons i came out here were pretty selfish and were not the best. but now i feel that the reason i am here now is way better. i am happy with why i am here now. I hope you all have a good week and good luck in school suckers!! haha i love you all! Elder Jensen

Elder Jensen with Brother Charlie

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week #56

Brody is still enjoying Lindsay. They have found some new investigators. Brody seems to be in a good place right now. He knows his protection is the Lord, not the guns. We got a few more pictures in another email that will be on his blog. He finally feels very confident in the Spanish Language. It doesn't seem to be a problem at all. Thanks for your support. 

Well hello everyone,
How are things going for all of you? This past week has been a pretty good one I guess. It is always crazy here for sure. We see a lot of crazy things here in Lindsay. So I don't know if I have shared this but there is one complex in town with all of the old people and crazy people it seems like. We went over there one day a couple of weeks ago because we got a referral I told Elder Pugh to not tell him that we knew his name... but of course he did and the guy got really scared. So now the rumor is that we are narks or CIA over there. So everyone hides when we go over... I take my sunglasses and act like I have a headset on and talk I also bring a laser as well. It is so funny, the people are nuts here in Lindsay! But the good thing is that the members are awesome!! The members here do a lot for us... I think I am gaining a lot of weight because how much they feed us haha. This past week there has been more drama here in Lindsay with the sister missionaries... we just stay away. So as of now we have a couple of baptismal dates... we are working on solidifying them. We don't have too many investigators but the ones that we do have are solid. We have a family that we are working with and they were all planning on coming to church yesterday but they got food poisoning and weren't able to make it. We hope to see success in the coming weeks though. Things here are going pretty well. I hope all is well at home! have a good week!  I love you all!
Elder Jensen
People here are crazy! there was a shopping cart in a tree!

A member posted this picture on Facebook today. Elder Lybbert and Elder Jensen eating lunch at McDonald's on their P-day. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

A member posted this picture on Facebook of Elder Jensen with Elder Lybbert enjoying what looks like ice cream...with gummy worms.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Week #55

Brody has experienced the dark along with the light this past week. He sent some pictures that are in this email and some others that will be posted to his blog. In one picture, he obviously wanted us to know he is riding his bike in the heat. Haha. He said he misses everyone. Please send letters! He is enjoying his new companion. Thanks for your support. 


Hello everyone,
So this past week has been pretty crazy once again. I am in Lindsay with Elder Lybbert and we are having a pretty good time. We went up to the farewell last Tuesday and Elder Pugh's family picked him up so I got to meet all of them. They are now in Lindsay visiting. This past week we had a few investigators at church and we are trying to find more. It is really hard to find more and just talk to everyone on the street. So now for the update on Danielle...(the girl that got possessed). So we went over last Tuesday with a member and gave her another blessing. In the blessing the member commanded the spirit to leave. After that she acted like she was alright but she was not. Then as we were saying a prayer her eyes started to roll back. We then left and had to come back two minutes later because they said to hurry back... we came back and she sat down and screamed "take it out of me" then a lot of things happened. I don't think I am going to write about them but it was freaky. I thought that the stuff I saw and heard was only from movies. I was terrified and shocked. The next day at the farewell I told President Clark about what happened he advised to not go back to that house. And that what happened was real. So we called the bishop and he went over and gave her blessing. So yesterday we kind of got trapped and the members took us over to that house... and she looked great! The dad said that she has been normal for 4 days and that things are going really well. From this experience I learned that satan is real, I also learned that no matter what, the power of satan is absolutely nothing compared to God. It was the scariest thing of my life but I learned a lot from it. That is about all from this past week. I love and miss you all. Have a great week.
Elder Jensen