Monday, August 10, 2015

Week #56

Brody is still enjoying Lindsay. They have found some new investigators. Brody seems to be in a good place right now. He knows his protection is the Lord, not the guns. We got a few more pictures in another email that will be on his blog. He finally feels very confident in the Spanish Language. It doesn't seem to be a problem at all. Thanks for your support. 

Well hello everyone,
How are things going for all of you? This past week has been a pretty good one I guess. It is always crazy here for sure. We see a lot of crazy things here in Lindsay. So I don't know if I have shared this but there is one complex in town with all of the old people and crazy people it seems like. We went over there one day a couple of weeks ago because we got a referral I told Elder Pugh to not tell him that we knew his name... but of course he did and the guy got really scared. So now the rumor is that we are narks or CIA over there. So everyone hides when we go over... I take my sunglasses and act like I have a headset on and talk I also bring a laser as well. It is so funny, the people are nuts here in Lindsay! But the good thing is that the members are awesome!! The members here do a lot for us... I think I am gaining a lot of weight because how much they feed us haha. This past week there has been more drama here in Lindsay with the sister missionaries... we just stay away. So as of now we have a couple of baptismal dates... we are working on solidifying them. We don't have too many investigators but the ones that we do have are solid. We have a family that we are working with and they were all planning on coming to church yesterday but they got food poisoning and weren't able to make it. We hope to see success in the coming weeks though. Things here are going pretty well. I hope all is well at home! have a good week!  I love you all!
Elder Jensen
People here are crazy! there was a shopping cart in a tree!

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