Monday, August 17, 2015

Week #57

Brody had a great week. He seems to have a lot going on right now out on his mission. He really likes serving in Lindsay with elder Lybbert. He used the words "love" and "teaching" in the same sentence. He also wanted to send his best to those of you that are starting back to school this week. Only 47 more weeks left. Haha. Thanks for your support. 

Hello everyone,
How are you all doing? This past week was a pretty good one. To start off I will explain the bad part about the week. So this past week we talked to our apartment manager because our AC hasn't been working for the past couple of weeks. so she told us that we could change apartments. so for a couple days this week we were moving all of our stuff... i didn't realize how much stuff was in a missionary apartment! then we got to clean our new apartment... it was like deep cleaning too haha. it was pretty crazy, but the good thing is that we now have AC. this past week i also went on exchanges with the district leader here in Lindsay. it went pretty well. exchanges are usually pretty good. Elder Lybbert and i are still getting along really well and having a lot of fun. we are so open with eachother. on exchanges i told the district leader that i don't want to get transferred because i am enjoying my area and being with my companion a lot! Something really cool that happened this past week is that the ward rented the city pool and had a pool party. it was awkward being the only ones that couldn't swim... a member offered to throw me in so it wasn't my fault haha. but it was really cool because a lot of less actives came and one of the young men that is going on a mission soon invited a family that he works with. the family came and it is a mom and dad with two little boys. during the party we snuck over and introduced ourselves, before we knew it we were teaching her the Restoration. she invited us back and we went and saw them yesterday with the member. we taught all of the restoration and the spirit was super strong, she was crying and accepted to be baptized! there are prepared people everywhere, we just have to find them. i love teaching families. 
this past week i was thinking back a lot on my mission... i asked myself... "why am i here?" i then thought back to why i chose to come on a mission. and it was a neat experience. a lot of the reasons have changed of why i am here. some of the reasons i came out here were pretty selfish and were not the best. but now i feel that the reason i am here now is way better. i am happy with why i am here now. I hope you all have a good week and good luck in school suckers!! haha i love you all! Elder Jensen

Elder Jensen with Brother Charlie

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