Monday, August 3, 2015

Week #55

Brody has experienced the dark along with the light this past week. He sent some pictures that are in this email and some others that will be posted to his blog. In one picture, he obviously wanted us to know he is riding his bike in the heat. Haha. He said he misses everyone. Please send letters! He is enjoying his new companion. Thanks for your support. 


Hello everyone,
So this past week has been pretty crazy once again. I am in Lindsay with Elder Lybbert and we are having a pretty good time. We went up to the farewell last Tuesday and Elder Pugh's family picked him up so I got to meet all of them. They are now in Lindsay visiting. This past week we had a few investigators at church and we are trying to find more. It is really hard to find more and just talk to everyone on the street. So now for the update on Danielle...(the girl that got possessed). So we went over last Tuesday with a member and gave her another blessing. In the blessing the member commanded the spirit to leave. After that she acted like she was alright but she was not. Then as we were saying a prayer her eyes started to roll back. We then left and had to come back two minutes later because they said to hurry back... we came back and she sat down and screamed "take it out of me" then a lot of things happened. I don't think I am going to write about them but it was freaky. I thought that the stuff I saw and heard was only from movies. I was terrified and shocked. The next day at the farewell I told President Clark about what happened he advised to not go back to that house. And that what happened was real. So we called the bishop and he went over and gave her blessing. So yesterday we kind of got trapped and the members took us over to that house... and she looked great! The dad said that she has been normal for 4 days and that things are going really well. From this experience I learned that satan is real, I also learned that no matter what, the power of satan is absolutely nothing compared to God. It was the scariest thing of my life but I learned a lot from it. That is about all from this past week. I love and miss you all. Have a great week.
Elder Jensen

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