Monday, June 8, 2015

Week #47

Brody sounded pretty good today despite the temperatures being in the triple digits as of late. He was able to go on a little road trip today. I asked him what his gut feeling was about getting transferred and he feels he will stay in his current mission. That might just be wishful thinking. He will find out this Saturday. He sent some pictures besides the ones on this email. I will have them posted to his blog. Thanks for your support. 


Hello everyone, 
How is everyone doing? This past week has been pretty crazy out here. It has been a challenging one, that is for sure. I am trying to stay positive with our investigators but to be straight up and honest, they are all a bunch of BUMBS!! Haha I will give you a couple examples of how they are being difficult... so last week we found a mother and a son and they came to church and they told us that they loved it and wanted to keep coming and to be baptized. So we went over to visit them this week and the first words that she said were... "we don't think the church is for us" we then asked why and their excuse was that church was too long. I was just like, "3 hours a week is too long?" Another thing that happened is that we found a new investigator and taught him the 1st lesson, after that we tried by again and the neighbor told us that our investigator got thrown in prison haha. There is also a couple that we have been working with for months!! They fight a lot and we are working on getting them married, so when Elder Pugh was out of the area for exchanges I went to visit them and they were so happy and told us that they were getting married and then baptized. It was awesome! But then we came back two days later and the boyfriend had disappeared because they got into a fight. Now they don't wanna get married once again. It is really hard to see people want to change their lives because they are so sad but they won't even take the first step to do so. So we are really trying hard with our investigators right now. This past week we also received a training from the stake because the "book of mormon" musical is coming to Fresno. So they trained us on using it to help us instead of hurt us. This saturday we will get transfer calls and find out who is going to the new mission! it should be pretty crazy! Today a member took us to Kings National Park. There were some HUGE trees!! The pictures don't serve them justice but i will send a few. I love and miss you all! Have a good week and be safe! Elder Jensen

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