Monday, October 19, 2015

Week #66

Brody is finally leaving Lindsay. He had very mixed feelings about  the transfer. He said saying goodbye to everyone he loves in Lindsay is going to be very hard. Amie and some of the kids got to meet some families from Lindsay. They told her that Brody was an excellent missionary and that he is being fed well. They said that he had found a replacement for Brennan. He is a 15 year old boy named Fabian that he has been playing basketball with. There are three pictures attached to this email and several more will be posted to his blog.
Thanks for all of your support. 

Hello everyone, 
so this past week did not seem to go as planned... it was nuts and some of the craziest things happened!! so first of all we did have a baptism, Lynda got baptized and i got to give her the Holy Ghost yesterday in church! it was a really neat experience, her baptism was awesome! Rey and Beto (two of the hispanic members) got up and shared their testimonies, so we translated for them and it was really powerful. 
something crazy happened with our investigator CJ, so we found out that after he started meeting with us he really wanted to get his life back into order. so he had some legal things that he had to clear up. so we got a text this last week that he had court and then he ended up going to jail for the next 6 months... it was the week of his wedding and baptism. it kind of came out of nowhere. 
now for the big news... so we got transfer calls and i am going to be getting transferred. i am going back to my previous area up in Atwater. i am pretty bummed to leave Lindsay. at church yesterday they had me share my testimony in the 2 sacrament meetings. it was really hard to say goodbye to all of the members. i am going to miss Lindsay like crazy! that is about all that happened this past week. i love and miss you all, have a great week!
Elder Jensen

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