Monday, March 7, 2016

Week #87

Had a good chat with Brody today. Should I be nervous that when I asked, "What did you do fun today?" and he replied, "ummm…don't tell anyone but I …."
Haha. Anyway, I'm not going to tell you what he did but Brody seems to be in a good groove right now. He is truly working hard and meeting new people everyday. He told me that he is becoming one of the  "old guys" in the mission. He said he gives advice to the new elders but feels sorry of them at the same time. He knows that they are feeling like it is the hardest thing they have ever done. He has kept the "sports night" going at the local branch. He claims it is a missionary tool. You and I both know that it is an excuse for him to put a ball in his hand. After you look at his pictures, I know what you are all thinking. He Needs a Haircut. I also asked him whats up with all the healthy good. He told me that he is on a diet. Go figure!!
The countdown may have officially begun. We filled out some paperwork for his release later this year. Time is really starting to fly. Thanks for your prayers and support in behalf of Brody. On to week 88.
Well Hello Everyone, 
so this past week has been a pretty good week! we found a couple of new investigators and we are still working with a mother and her son that have a baptismal date. i have got to play basketball a couple of times this past week, i love when i get the opportunity to play some ball! We also had a district meeting this last week. in the upcoming week i am going to be having a couple of meetings, i have zone meeting, and a district leader meeting in Fresno. so this next week should go by pretty fast. 
i just wanna say that i LOVE mexican food, i am pretty sure i was suppose to be born hispanic but somehow ended up white haha. this last week a member tood us to a place that has awesome tacos. i ate cow eye tacos, tongue tacos, intestine tacos, and head tacos. they were super good! i look forward to mexican food every night haha. i am really gonna miss that when i am home! Everything here is going really well and i am having a lot of fun! i hope you are all doing well as well! have a great week! i love and miss you all! 
Elder Jensen

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