Monday, April 13, 2015

Week #39

Not a lot to report on our conversation with Brody this week. He wanted to know how the Warriors are doing and what went on for spring break. He is just LOVING riding his bike. 

Well this past week wasn't too eventful. We had a few service projects in the community where we gave the needy some food.  I also had another exchange, I am going to have to have one every week this transfer because my companion is the district leader. I was on exchanges with an Elder from Chile. It was pretty good, it rained so hard that day though and we were on  bikes so it was soaking wet! It never rains here but when it does it really comes down. We also found a couple of new investigators here in Lindsay by talking to people on the streets. we are working with a couple of our investigators but there are just a few holdups. So a part member family just moved close to our apartment and we go over there almost every night to see how they are doing. They are hispanic and they ALWAYS feed us! Like we can't get out of there without eating! Every time I have seen the mom she has been cooking and making homemade tortillas. I didn't know you could eat so much with a tortilla. They put some of the weirdest stuff in there and they always eat tortillas with every meal. They are a nice family! But I feel bad for them and some of the people here. Like the kids have nothing and they have to sleep on the ground so we are working with the ward to get them beds. That is about it from the past week other than we attended a baptism with some other missionaries. I love and miss you all. Have a good week! 

Elder Jensen

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