Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week #60

Well, the good news is Brody gets to stay at least one more transfer in Lindsay with Elder Lybbert. The bad news is Brother Charlie, Brodys good friend in Lindsay, is moving Saturday. Brody has been having some success in Lindsay and is really liking the area. Brody has only really been in two areas. I was thinking, his next transfer could be his last. Hahaha. Anyway, thanks for your support, it means a lot. 

Hello everyone, 
This past week was a pretty good one. To start off, we received transfer calls on Saturday and I will be staying in Lindsay with Elder Lybbert! I am pretty happy to be staying here. This past week we had another baptism, it was the son of the lady that got baptized last week! It was cool to baptize family members in back to back weeks. Now we are just working with the other son to be baptized. This past week we have done a lot of service, for one member we spread gravel all over his driveway. The funnest service of the week was with an inactive member. So he owns a restaurant here in town that just opened and we went and asked him if there was any service we could do for him. he has given us food for free several times. Anyways he told us that we could come back and help him. So last friday we went in to help him and he had us move some boxes and help him with some lifting things. Then he asked us to help in the kitchen because they had just fired a cook and were low on staff. And before we knew it we were cooking the food for the dang restaurant hahaha. We made like 45 burritos, and a bunch of other food. we were pretty much working in a restaurant. Another cool thing that we did this past week is we took 3 young men out with us for a day. One of them goes to Honduras in a month on his mission. It was cool to go out and see people with them! We are still teaching some people that are progressing towards baptism and are trying to find more! That is pretty much it for this week! have a great week!Elder Jensen

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