Monday, September 14, 2015

Week #61

Brody sounded great today. He and Elder Lybbert are still going strong. Amie has been waiting for Brody to say that he loves his mission. We are getting close. He said, "I am really enjoying my mission a lot more now." ha. If Brody comes home the end of June, he is down to single digits in months. Wow. Hard to believe. He did admit that time is going by pretty fast now. Have fun reading his stories this week. I can just see him flying over the handle bars. Thanks for all of your support. 
Hello everyone, 
How are you all doing? This past week was pretty crazy and I actually have a lot to write about this week. I have a couple of stories this week. But first of all, this past week two of our members moved to Utah. So we helped them move. It was pretty hard to say goodbye because they were both people that I would see quite frequently throughout the week. I didn't think saying goodbye to people here would be hard but it was sad to see them go. The members here are awesome! Over the past 6 months here in Lindsay I have built some good relationships with the people here. It is just a big ward family here. I am really enjoying my mission a lot more now, I think it is because I don't really desire to be anywhere else right now. The time is going by pretty fast now, I will hit 14 months this week! Now onto the stories...
So one day this past week Elder Lybbert and I were going to visit a less active member. She lives in an apartment complex. When we got there we put our bikes down and started to walk into the complex. There were about 6 Cholos (gangsters) sitting on the other end of the complex and they were all smoking marijuana, so they were pretty out of it. Anyways, when we made eye contact with them Elder Lybbert stared for a second and they started yelling at us asking us if we had a problem with them. They were cussing us out and then they started coming closer to us telling us they were gonna beat us because we were from another gang or something crazy like that. So we hopped on our bikes and got out of there. The world is so crazy and there are drugs everywhere, there hasn't been a day here in Lindsay that I haven't smelled marijuana in the air. Haha
Another thing that happened this past week is that we got a new investigator. He is going through some really tough times in his life. He is going through a divorce and is living in his little pick up truck while his kids and wife are at home. He has had a pretty crazy past and was a Cholo back in the day. He is really searching for help, he is a really cool and nice guy. My mission has been a huge eye opener for me. Just seeing the trials that other people have to go through is pretty tough, but the comforting part is that the gospel can heal us in times of trouble. On my mission I have learned that, the hardest but most rewarding thing is helping others come to know that. Sometimes you just want to freak out and tell the people you are teaching that all they have to do is live the gospel and they will be helped through all their trials. It is hard when people are having a hard time but are not willing to change their lives.
Okay so here is the funny story for the week... I wrecked on my bike! Let me explain though... so it was like 8:30 at night and we were riding our bikes on a road headed back to the apartment. We had just got out of a lesson. Elder Lybbert was biking to the left of me and I was close to the sidewalk. As I was riding I felt a bug in my helmet, so I took it off and was looking in my helmet while biking with no hands. I always bike with no hands but this particular time something happened haha. So as I was looking in my helmet a car drove by and Elder Lybbert had to hurry and swerve out of the way, he swerved at me and because I had no hands I could not move out of the way. So our bike like locked together and my helmet went flying, then my front tire hit the sidewalk and I flew over the handlebars. Haha I ended up hitting a telephone pole and Elder Lybbert ended up in the road! It was so crazy, neither of us really got hurt. Just a couple of scuffs and scratches. I was lucky my head didn't hit the telephone pole because there was a nail sticking out of it... 
This is the last story... so a couple of weeks ago I was on exchanges and was out of the area. While I was gone Elder Lybbert talked with a lady and asked her who we could visit, she told us her neighbor. A couple of days ago we planned on visiting that neighbor. I didn't know where the house was but we started biking down the road because Elder Lybbert knew the house. We got to the end of the road and I said “aren't we going to visit them?” Elder Lybbert told me that he was hoping that I would forget because he had a bad feeling about going there. We ended up going there and after the worst door approach ever they still told us that we could come back and visit them. Yesterday during our studies we planned to see this household. As we were planning we both felt nervous and that we should not go there. We talked about how we felt and realized there would be no reason that God would tell us not to go there. They had invited us back and only good could have came out of it. It was interesting because the night before I was reading a talk on revelation. Something I read stuck out to me... it talked about how Satan sometimes tries to trick us into thinking something is bad when it is not. Because he knows what will happen if we really do it. In this situation we came to the resolution that the feeling was coming from Satan. We still weren't going to stop by and see them that day though, but our appointment fell through and we were in the area. So we went over to this house and they were all outside... it is a family of 5. we went up to them and helped them put their new windshield wipers on their car. While Elder Lybbert finished helping the dad with that, I went over and started talking with the mom. It is a hispanic family so they were really friendly. She asked me what we do because she had seen us on our bikes before. I told her what we did and had a good conversation with her. The dad told us that they were all in another city but he remembered that we were going to stop by that day so they all came back home. After we finished with the windshield wipers we taught them the Restoration and they were really interested. They said that they would be baptized when they come to know that the things we taught are true. They told us that we are always welcome in their house and that their house is our house. It was awesome! They are super prepared for the gospel. I really learned that when we receive a prompting or a revelation we should think and figure out who the prompting came from. Because Satan does not want us to succeed. I am so happy that we went to that house! We are looking forward to working with that family! That is pretty much all that has happened this past week! I love and miss you all! Have a great week!
-Elder Jensen  

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