Monday, December 14, 2015

Week #74

Brody is doing well. He is finding success in the mission field. He said he really misses Elder Olsen. It was nice to see him at the baptism. Amie asked him if he likes being district leader, he said he has to help other elders with their problems. He recently had to comfort an elder that found out his cat back home had passed away. Hahaha. One of his good friends Elder Guereca just came home. Amid and I went to his homecoming. It was at spanish branch. We were fortunate that a young lady sat behind us and interpreted the entire meeting. Elder Guereca said that Brody was one of his favorites and will be at the airport when Brody arrives home. Brody sent some pictures that will be posted to his blog. Make sure to check them out. He is in some real nice joggers. I only hope he sends me a pair for Christmas. We can't even decide what his current style is. We are in the process of setting up Brodys Skype with a young man from Livingston named Nacho. Only 11 more days until we Skype him. Thanks for all of your support in Brodys behalf. 
Hello Everyone!
so things here have been pretty crazy as of late. i have been really busy! but it has been a good week! this last week i went on exchanges with an Elder in my district. i have to go on a lot of exchanges now because i am district leader. exchanges are pretty fun though. this past week we had zone meeting and i gave a training on "Fire in the Bones" which is pretty much motivation and desire. it was a lot of fun. i also gave another talk in sacrament meeting, that is back to back weeks now haha. one really cool thing that i got to do last week was go to a play. we went and watched one of our investigators in a high school play. we had a lot of fun, i took some pics so i will be sure to send some in this email. yesterday Gloria got baptized, Elder Olsen came back for it and baptized her! it was sweet to see him again and to be able to see Gloria get baptized. this next week is going to be pretty crazy as well, i have to go up in the mountains to do a baptismal interview and i have a district leader meeting with President. also this week is the branch's christmas party and since i am kind of the only white one... i got stuck with being Santa Claus hahahaha. it should be fun though! that is about it for this week. i love and miss you all, i hope you have a great week. Elder Jensen

"I'm flying Jack!" 

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