Monday, December 28, 2015

Week #76

Brody is doing better than ever. He had a great Christmas Day. In fact, he didn't want it to end. He wanted to tell everyone thank you for your thoughts, prayers, cards, and gifts that you sent him for Xmas. He  told us that skypeing on Christmas was like a dream. He said that it was weird and that he felt like he was in a different world than the rest of us. He is hoping the next 6 months go by fast. On to week 77. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
So this past week was super crazy! it flew by and was a really busy week. first of all we had zone conference and it was sweet. we had a couple of trainings and then we played games for the rest of the time!Christmas eve was super fun. we went over and saw our new investigators that are teenagers and played games with them and ate dinner. they are so cool, i love seeing them and teaching the gospel to them. Christmas day was awesome! i got to skype with my family and that was really good! it was almost like a dream haha and it went by so fast. i also got to watch a movie, i watched Big Hero 6. Christmas day was just pretty much a party! i thought that the day after christmas was going to be a really hard and bad one, but it wasn't! i actually had an awesome experience. so we went and saw our new investigators Maria and Mario. they are like teenagers and early twenties. we taught them the Restoration. and before the lesson i was kind of like "oh great i get to teach the Restoration, i have only taught this lesson like 500 times so far on my mission." and i kind of started to get bored but we taught the first half of the lesson and then we watched the video of the restoration. during the video it hit me that Mario and Maria had never heard of anything having to do with the Restoration. and right then i stopped complaining in my head and learned a super valuable lesson. these people have never heard of the gospel, they don't know that there is a prophet today, they don't know where their loved ones or they are going after this life, they don't know that Heavanly Father and Jesus Christ are 2 separate people, they don't know that they are children of God, they don't know why there are so many churches in the world today, and some of them might not even know that Christ suffered for them. i can't even imagine if i did not know those things. it helped me to love the people more that i am serving and teaching. and that is my job as a missionary, i am here to share all of that good news. after that experience we had a great rest of the lesson.  After the lesson we played a cool game with them.... haha so there are jelly beans that come in a box and some of them are good flavors and some of them are bad flavors but you don't know which is which. so you have to spin a little wheel to find out what you have to eat. the flavors were so gross. some of us even puked haha. but it was a blast! i hope you all had a great christmas and that you all have a great new years! i love you all! Elder Jensen

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