Monday, January 4, 2016

Week #77

Brody was on earlier today than usual. He had a trip to the mall and a basketball game with some other elders scheduled. He was in good spirits and is doing really good.  Transfers are coming up so we will see if he gets to stay or go. He also informed me that he had a laser shined in his eye a few months ago and now he has a small blind spot. He asked me what he should do. I told him to get to an eye doctor. He wanted to wait until he got home. I informed him that he may be blind by then. Haha. Hopefully he will listen and get that looked at. It sounds like he will have another baptism this week. He is definitely focusing on the positive at this point in his mission. Thanks for all of your love and prayers in Brody's behalf. 78 is coming up.                                                                                                                                              

Hello Everyone, so this past week has just been all around a crazy week. it has been full of happy experiences and many tough trials. i won't get into all of the tough trials but i will sum them up. it is just so hard when i see the people that i am teaching and coming in contact with are sad and don't have a desire to live, to become better, and to try harder. it is so hard to see people suffer and go through a bunch of trials. it's so hard because i love these people, i want them to be happy and to know that things can get better and that God loves them. i have seen a lot of sad things this week and it has been tough, but i have learned so much from these trials. it has really strengthened me and my testimony. i am so grateful for my mission and have had so many experiences that i will never be able to deny. i have found who i am on my mission. i love my mission. so there was a quite a bit of good things that happened this past week. we are teaching a couple (Villalta family) and we were planning on baptizing the husband next sunday. Yesterday at church we searched for his records because he wasn't sure if he was baptized when he has 8 years old in Guatemala. it turned out that he was baptized at 8 and just didn't remember. He is now almost 50, but he got up in sacrament meeting and shared his testimony, it was amazing. He talked about how he has been searching for the truth for his whole life and how he had it when he was younger but lost it and couldn't remember. He said as the missionaries were teaching him little bits and pieces started to come back to his memory and the spirit told him it was all true. He said that he is so glad that he found it and that he is so grateful for the missionaries and knows that God sent us to his house for a reason. then after sacrament meeting his wife told us that she is going to get baptized next sunday! we are super excited, not only for her but for her husband as well because his experience and him coming back to church is just as sweet as a baptism! i love seeing people happy and smiling! i love the people out here! i can honestly say that i care about all the people that i teach and that's what makes it so hard when i see them sad. but it makes me want to work harder. and i am ready to keep working hard for the months that i have left out here! that is about all that happened this  past week, this next week we will be getting transfer calls! i can't believe they are already here again! i love you all! have a great week! -Elder Jensen

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