Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Week #78

Brody didn't have a lot to say today. Not a lot has changed. He is staying in Atwater for at least another transfer and pointed out that he only has 4 more transfers left. On to week 79. Thanks for your support. 

Hello everyone, 
so this past week wasn't super eventful so it will probably be a short email today... so to start off we got the transfer call this past week and i will be staying here in Atwater with Elder Hopkins again! i am happy with that. the night of transfer calls we got with some other elders and have some fun and drank sparkling cider. some of the district is leaving so we are getting split up. we had a lot of success this past week with finding new investigators, we found 8 new investigators and had a lot of good lessons. Yesterday at church Hermano Villalta (the one who found out he was a member last week) got the priesthood and blessed the sacrament! we bumped his wifes baptism to next week so that he can do it! it is going to be awesome! Next Sunday we are going to be having two baptisms. Ashley is going to be getting baptized next sunday! it will be a great day. that is about it from this past week! i hope you are all doing well, i love and miss you all! Elder Jensen

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