Monday, July 4, 2016

Well this is it I guess...Week #104

We received Brody's final email today. First of all, we would like to thank everyone for your love, support, and prayers. It has been a great experience for Brody and his family. We can't believe this day has finally come. Brody and his family have truly been blessed by his sacrifice. If you ever want to read how a mission changes someone, read his blog (thanks Rachel). I often go back and read some of those early emails. Brody has grown in so many ways. I know he is looking forward to seeing each one of you again. Brody flies home Wednesday at 12:45. His homecoming is Sunday the 10th of July at 11:00.
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i can't even put into words the feelings that i am having right now. i don't know how two years just flew by like nothing. when i think back it is bitter sweet. i am so sad to be leaving the mission and my home in California. i have learned so much out here in the past two years and i have seen God's hand in so many different daily experiences. a mission is a once in a lifetime opportunity. and i just want to say that i am so grateful and so proud that i have had the opportunity to serve a mission here in the Fresno, California Mission. it was not easy... that's for dang sure. but it was soooo worth it, i wouldn't trade this experience for anything. i remember being in the MTC and saying i couldn't wait to get home. but an Elder said... "i bet you will be one that does not want to go home" i never thought that was possible but here we are! 
this past week was a tough one just knowing that it was my last. i had my final interview with President Clark and we set some goals to keep going strong after my mission. i have met so many great people here and i hate goodbyes. i literately could live here in california haha... sorry for saying that mom!
but on the other hand i am so excited to see all of you and to come home! A LOT has changed and i can't wait to see! i love and miss you all and i will see you soon! #missionaccomplished!
Elder Jensen

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