Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Week #103

Brody was very brief this week. He basically told us that he would see us in a week. Brody arrives next Wednesday, July 6th at 12:49. His Homecoming address will be Sunday, July 10th at 11:00 at the South Stake Center on Canyon Road. See you all there.

Hello Everyone! 
well today i am gonna keep it pretty short. it has been a pretty crazy week! so i wasn't able to email on Monday because we went up to Yosemite National Park with some friends! it was really a lot of fun! we went on a hike and i took lots of pictures that i sent! i can't believe that it is all coming to an end... i don't feel ready to come home but i guess it is just gonna happen! i could totally live here in California for a lot longer! i love it here! i am so lucky to be serving here! i wouldn't want to be serving anywhere else! i am so blessed! anyways this past week was a lot of fun... our plumbing in the house went out so right before i stepped in the shower sewage came up through the drain... that was a lot of fun to clean up! it was so nasty!!!! we also had Zone Conference this past week! it was my last one  and i had to share my testimony at it... i almost teared up haha. we have been really busy and are working hard. the time is flying and i am trying to soak it all in while i can! i love my mission and i love what i have come to know for myself! this past week i had an interview with President Clark for my temple recommend and then after that he took us out to dinner. the interview was really cool and i loved just having dinner with him and Sister Clark. this next week is gonna be a good one as well. i have final interviews with President Clark and i have to start preparing for my flight and all of that which i am not looking forward to packing. i never thought this time would come... i just love it here so much that it kills me to think about leaving! California is my home! haha sorry mom and dad! i am sure i will get used to Utah soon enough! but for now this is my home! i have had so many experiences here and just love the people, culture, and the state in general! that is about all that i have from this week! i am gonna have a great last week and look forward to seeing you all soon! i love you all! 
Les Quiero Mucho!!! 
Elder Jensen

Presenting the long awaited helmet picture! 

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