Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Week #100!

Brody seems to be busier than ever. He didn't spend a lot of time with us today. He didn't send any pictures. Basically,  he says it all towards the end of his email, "don't worry about me I am keeping busy out here!"
Only 4 weeks left. I asked him if he knew his flight information and he replied, "I don't know, if you want the information, call the mission office." Brody is focused and not worried about the little things. We are proud of him and the work he is doing. Thanks for your support. Oh ya, save the date, Brody will be giving his homecoming talk on July 10th at 11:00

so this past week has been a pretty dang good one. it has been super super busy! i will try to remember everything that happened. i don't have my planner with me but i will try to remember. so first of all we had our YSA activity on tuesday in Atwater. we played rugby, Frisbee, and water volleyball and ate dinner. it was pretty legit. we had about 9 non members there. we have been goint out the the University a couple of times to visit with some people. we are going to have a baptism this saturday, her name is Kassy and she is 20 years old. we are super excited for her. so i probably mentioned it earlier in my last email but i cover a family ward as well. the family ward is pretty awesome and know what they are doing. this past week we found a family of 7 and taught them the restoration. to be honest it was probably one of the most powerful lessons on my mission. the spirit was so strong. we taught how god has given us families because he loves us and because of that we receive the gospel through men called prophets. these prophets testify of Jesus Christ. we know that christ came into the world and organized his church and called and ordained 12 apostles. which he also gave his authority to baptize to also known as the priesthood. but we know that christ and the apostles were killed off and this authority died with them. the world  then fell into a state of apostasy or a time without a prophet of God. and after that we teach them the first vision and all of that good stuff. at the end of the lesson they were all crying, even the little kids. the dad said the closing prayer and was speechless. we felt impressed to invite them all to be baptized and they accepted the invitation without hesitating. it was so awesome!!! you would think that after 2 years you would get sick of teaching the same thing every single day but i don't! the restoration is so powerful!! 
this past week i also had MLC (missionary leadership council) with all of the zone leaders in the mission, the assistants, and President Clark. it was a really good meeting and i even role played and taught with President Clark. i got to see some of my buddies like Elder Olsen there. it was just a lot of fun. then on sunday i had a meeting with the stake presidency and president clark again on the missionary work here in the Merced Stake. it was a super busy week. i also went on an exchange and have been visiting some other elders in the zone. so don't worry about me i am keeping busy out here! i hope you are all doing the same back at home! i love and miss you all! have a great week! 
Elder Jensen 

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