Monday, June 13, 2016

Week #101

Brody is trying to soak up every last minute of his mission. He loving the opportunity to serve the lord and the people in the Fresno Mission. He is not looking forward to saying goodbye. However, we are looking forward to July 6th. We received his travel itinerary today. He will be flying home with his long time companion that he had while he was in Lindsay, Elder Lybbert. They will be sitting by each other on the plane. How cool is that?!? His flight arrives at 12:49 on the 6th of July. He can't wait to see you all. 
hello Everyone!
this past week was a good one and super busy! i don't really have too much to report on but i have a little bit! first of all we had a baptism! Kassy Garcia got baptized on saturday! she is 19 years old. elder harrison baptized her and then i confirmed her the next day in sacrament meeting. she is such a solid convert. she got up at her baptism and shared her testimony... it was so strong and powerful! it was awesome to see her at her baptism. she is now the only member in her family! it was just all around a great experience. this past week we also had zone meeting. elder Harrison and i trained of course. i conducted the meeting so that was a little nerve racking haha. but all went well. this past week i got to go back to atwater with elder hopkins on exchanges! it was a little weird to be back there but it was an awesome day! i love the people in atwater and the exchange just went by way too fast. the time is still really flying by... i thought it would go slow because it is my last transfer but to be honest it is flying by and i am staying focused. this transfer is already half way over!! i can't believe it. i  have got to play basketball a couple of times this past week with members and investigators so that is always fun. i love playing sports with them, i try to not get too intense or competitive haha. this past week we found a couple of new families from talking to people on the streets. the families are really promising and accepted baptism. it sucks that we are setting all of these dates for baptism that i won't be here for haha. but we are seriously talking with everyone on the streets. we get to meet all kinds of people every day and it is kind of fun to see the responses we get and the way that people react. we get asked some pretty weird questions and you could probably guess haha. we  have a zone meeting coming up in which we have to have like 100 scriptures memorized. so i am working like crazy on that. that is about all going on here. i love and miss you all and hope you have a great week! i will see you all soon!
Elder Jensen
ps.... the warriors are goin back to back tonight!!!!!!!!!

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