Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Week #5

As you can see Brody is somewhat himself this week. He has gone from threatening to punch his companion to directly  splitting their open their lip. I am glad that his companions in his district still love him enough to give him a nickname Hahaha. Brody told us that he received his flight information. He leaves Mexico next Wednesday at 7:00 am. He can hardly wait. Seth left Monday for the mission field. Brody told us that he and Seth were able to spend some time together on Sunday Night. He told us how that experience went down.  I am so thankful they realize how important each one of them was to the other. Thanks for all of your letters to Brody and your prayers in his behalf this past week. 

Hello everyone, I'm now starting my last week here at the MTC. It seems like I've been here forever. I'm ready to get to California and see what its like out there. this past week has been another regular week, except i accidentally made a kid have to get stitches in his mouth while playing basketball. my district has also gave me a name it is, "sunshine" because I'm always so happy and positive haha not. i finished reading the book of mormon this past week, its actually the most entertaining thing to do here because we are always speaking spanish and i love when i get to read something in english. before my mission i always looked at prayer as something i was just suppose to do and i never prayed with my feelings and faith. but
now that I'm out here i know that i need prayer to feel comforted and i make my prayers more meaningful. this past sunday we watched a talk by one of the most motivational speakers i have ever listened to, it was Jeffrey R. Holland, his talk was about peter talking to jesus. in the story jesus told peter to leave his boat and to stop fishing. jesus asked peter if he loved him... Peter replied and said yes. Jesus asked Peter two more times if he loved him and on the third time peter said, "Yes i love you more than anything." Jesus then said, then leave your boat and gather my sheep. And it hit me, I started asking myself if I love Jesus. and I do, Jesus suffered for me and every other person on this earth. the least i can do is sacrifice 2 years of my life for him when he sacrificed everything for me. 2 years seems like a long time now but compared to eternity its literately nothing. We also watched a movie on Joseph Smith and the restoration. Joseph Smith was an incredible prophet and he always had faith in the lord. I am so grateful for Joseph Smith and the
determination he had to do the Lord's work. the hardest thing for me this past week was saying goodbye to Elder Colby on Sunday night. he was such a blessing to have here. and to be honest, i don't know where i would be without him. He helped me get this far and i couldn't have done it without him. he's the little bit of home that i had left and I'm gonna miss that kid. I'm always thinking and praying about all of you guys at home. I miss you all like crazy and love you more than anything. I hope you all have fun starting school Haha. I'll see you all soon. 
Love Always, Elder Jensen

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