Monday, January 12, 2015

6 Months

Brody hits his 6-month mark this week. Things are still pretty slow for him in Coalinga. It sounds like he is having some interesting experiences. I told him that I heard it stunk in Coalinga. He said that he either didn't notice or he has been there so long that he has the same odor on him. Thanks for your support. He sent a couple pictures that will be posted on his blog. 

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? Things are pretty much the same here. We had an odd week. So one night we were outside of the gas station waiting for Gurvinder and 4 drunk guys walked up to us and called us the God Mob. They were so drunk and falling on the ground. Then one of them told us to hold his cigarette, we told him no and he got pretty mad. So after they went in the gas station we got out of that area as fast as we could. Another thing that we did was we did some service for a 95 year old women. I will send a picture of her and me. The biggest thing that happened was we had to help out with a funeral on Saturday. It was at the church but it wasn't an LDS funeral. It was a 27-year-old guy. All of the people that came were a rough looking bunch. The funeral was sad because a priest from the Church of England spoke and the after life that he explained was not happy at all. He was in his robes and it was something that you won't see very often in an LDS church haha. After he spoke the 2nd counselor in the bishopric spoke and he even brought up the Book of Mormon...the priest was so mad. I think the chapel needs to be rededicated because of all the clapping that went on and I also noticed that everyone had their own little flask. They would pull it out when they thought that no one was looking and take a hit. Everyone there had probably never stepped inside of a church building. After it was over Elder Falslev and I spent about a half an hour cleaning up the cigarettes in the parking lot. It was ridiculous. That's all that happened this past week. I love you all.
-Elder Jensen

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