Monday, January 19, 2015

Week #27

Brody is getting to use his spanish a little more. He has found some investigators that speak spanish only.  The tone of his email was rather positive. He was harassing his little brother about his haircut and basketball. Brody says that he has grown a little over an inch since he arrived in California. All of us, except Brennan, are hoping for a little more upwards growth. Brody sent some pictures that I will post to his blog. 

Thanks for your support. 

Hello everyone, 
So this past week was actually a pretty crazy one. So Elder Falslev had a meeting in Fresno and I went to Lemoore for 2 days in a tripanionship. It was actually pretty fun to be with two other elders but the hard part was that we didn't have enough bikes so we walked the whole day. This past week we have also had a lot of service. We go and help all of the widows out. It is weird to be doing yard work in the middle of January haha. This past week we were at dinner and I was not quite sure what I was eating. It tasted really weird and had a weird texture. I told the family to not tell me what it was until we were done eating haha. Come to find out it was pig skin soaked in garlic... it was pretty nasty!! But as a missionary it's not an option to not eat the members food. So my favorite part about this past week was on Saturday night. We had a family home evening with The Reyes family and the Ponces came as well. We taught about why we keep the commandments and choose the right. It was in Spanish and it went really well. We had snacks, played a game, and I gave all of the kids "has lo justo" rings. Which are CTR rings. They all loved them and showed up the next day at church with them on. I have a picture with them and the kids are showing their rings in the picture. They are a super cool family, the only thing holding them back is that they aren't legally married. They are getting married at the start of February then hopefully they will all get baptized. I really hope that they will. We invited them to have family prayer every night and they have been doing it for the past week. They say that they have seen a huge change and can feel the Spirit in their home! Yesterday we had another family home evening in Avenal, the topic was temples and the blessings that we receive by going to the temple and being sealed for all time and eternity as families. I will also send a picture of that! Yesterday we had 5 investigators at church, we had the Reyes family and Gurvinder. Gurvinder is still about the same and he claims he is leaving Coalinga this week to go somewhere else for college. I love and miss you all! Have a good week and stay safe! 
Elder Jensen

Avenal Family Home Evening

The Reyes Family 

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