Monday, May 4, 2015

Week #42

Brody has settled into Lindsay. He is not getting transferred. He did say that his next transfer will determine rather or not he stays in the Fresno Mission or gets transferred to the new Modesto Mission. He is afraid the new mission will be "super ghetto and sketchy." We can't wait to see him this Sunday. He told me to ask his brothers and sisters to think of some questions. He is afraid we will set there in silence. I'm pretty sure that’s not happening. Thanks for your support. Oh ya, one other thing, Brody had already heard and was pretty excited that Curry won the MVP. Those of you that know Brody, know that he has been his favorite player for a long time. 


Well hello everyone,
How is everyone doing back at home? This past week was pretty busy. So last monday we had a Family Home Evening with a family in the ward and it went really well! We had a lot of fun doing that! also last monday was a little scary because I let a recent convert, Charlie cut my hair. He claimed that he had cut hair before but then about half way through he told me that he had never done it before. And oh boy I could tell because my hair was looking super bad. I was worried, I am sure most of you know how much i care about my hair. Haha I guess him being bald should have given me a clue that he had no idea what he was doing. It took an hour and we had to call back up and the ward mission leader came and helped. We had fun with it and it turned out alright. Charlie is a recent convert from like 6 months ago and he is awesome! He always hangs out with us and takes us to lunch. We even went and did some service with him. We went to a dog shelter and cleaned their cages. There were so many dang dogs and they kept escaping so we had to catch them and put them back in the cages. I believe we are gonna be doing that once a week now. elder pugh and i have been riding our bikes a lot in the heat! It is already up in the 90's here! So one day I saw a bunch of teenagers playing basketball and I stopped and set up a time to come back and play with them, so I am looking forward to that! like I said before our week has been super busy yesterday we had 3 dinners and I didn't think I was gonna be able to handle it! Today we found black mold or something inside of our dishwasher which we hadn't opened forever haha. So hopefully I am still alive next week. And we got our investigator to church again with his son. They came over to a members after and ate and we taught a lesson in a members home. It went really well. On Saturday we got our transfer calls and Elder Pugh and I are both staying here together. I love and miss you all! Have a good week!
 Elder Jensen

Haircut in the church bathroom

Uh oh!

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