Monday, May 18, 2015

Week #44

Brody seemed good today. He has made some friends in Lindsay. Even though the work is slow, he seems to like the people he has met there. It sounds like his highlight was going to the thrift shop. He met a couple guys there that he said were pretty crazy but he liked them. They are in the other photos that he sent. He is looking forward to his opportunities to go on splits this week. It is crazy to me that he is giving training lessons in spanish. The language must be starting to click. Thanks for all of your support for Brody. 

Well this past week was a really really slow week. Our area is not seeing too much success. We have had to drop a lot of investigators and pretty much start from scratch. We are trying a lot of former investigators and part member families to find our new investigators as of now. Another reason why our area has been slow this week is that we were out of our area multiple times. I went on an exchange with Elder Noffal, he is from Mexico City and we had a good time together! We went to the local thrift shop and did some service. We were trying on all of the crazy clothes and we had so much fun. There are tons of thrift shops here in California! While I was with Elder Noffal I got to know two of the members in Porterville. They are pretty crazy and weird but they were a lot of fun to be around. I will send a picture of me and them. This past week we also had district meeting.... our district meetings are in Spanish because all of the missionaries are Spanish speaking. I gave a training on the role of the holy ghost in conversion. It was my first time doing a training in spanish but it went really well, at least I think it did haha. There was a day this past week that Elder Pugh had to go to Fresno for a meeting so I stayed with Elder Lybbert and his companion. We had a lot of fun together! Tripanionships are the best! I guess the biggest event this past week is that we had Stake Conference. They reorganized the stake presidency and there were two 70's there. one of them was Elder Carlson, he was a 4 star general and he was absolutely amazing. the other was Elder Sabin, he is an area 70 and he also was awesome to listen to! They had great spiritual experiences and as they talked everything just flowed together so neatly and they were speaking straight from the spirit. President Clark, the temple president, and many others were also there for the stake conference. This next week should be a more productive one. I will be going on  an exchange with Elder Lybbert. I hope you are all doing well and I love and miss you all. 
Elder Jensen 

Elder Jensen and Elder Noffal 
Elder Jensen and Elder Noffal

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