Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Week #45

Brody sounded a little rushed today. I think he was off of his schedule. It was later than usual before we heard from him. He reported that he is burning up. Things are going good. He has met some new folks and seems to be keeping busy. Thanks for all of your prayers and support. 

Well this past week was pretty eventful I guess. So first of all we got to go to the temple today in Fresno. It was a lot of fun and the whole zone went. Yesterday we had a zone conference and it was good to see some elders that I hadn't seen in a while. We also received many trainings from the assistants and President Clark. Sister Clark gave a training on nutrition and pretty much told us all that we eat too much and we are all fat haha. She even named off how much we should all weigh according to our height. Other than that zone conference was good. I went on two exchanges this past week, one was with the zone leaders and one with Elder Lybbert. It was a lot of fun, with the zone leaders we played some basketball with some non members. I haven't played in so long so it was fun to play for a little while. I was wearing my Steph Curry shirt and everyone was trying to give me crap about the warriors haha! This past week I almost died... we were in a neighborhood and a HUGE german shepherd was outside. I told Elder Pugh that if we got on our bikes the dog would chase us so that we just needed to walk slowly. We started walking and the dog ran up by me and starting growling and trying to bite my leg, I used my bike as a  shield and avoided it. We luckily got out of there, the dog was huge and super mean. Right after that another dog chased us on our bikes so I grabbed my big U lock that is metal and held it in my hand and when the dog got close I whacked it upside the head. Haha I now ride my bike holding my lock so I can whack the dogs that chase us. Haha there are a lot of dogs when we ride our bikes down the alleys. This past week we also found a couple new investigators, they are cholos which means gangsters here. Haha so we have been teaching some pretty sketchy people in some sketchy parts of the city. that is about it from this past week. I love and miss you all! have a good week and stay safe!
Elder Jensen

Elder Jensen's friends/homies 
View from the mountains 

Little boy from Marshall Islands with Elder Jensen 

Goshen! :)

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