Monday, July 13, 2015

Week #52 - One Year

Brody had a good week. Anytime he can play basketball and find investigators is a win.  Its good the hear the he was out fixing fence. I knew it would payoff someday. He will hit his one year mark this Wednesday. We know the Lord has blessed him throughout this first year. Thanks for all of your prayers and support. 


Well hello everyone, This past week was a pretty good one I guess. I went on two exchanges, the first one was with Elder Jorquera, he is from Chile. We had a good time and taught A LOT of lessons and found a few new investigators. This past week we found 10 new investigators and some of them are pretty promising. So we are excited about that. I also got to go to a basketball place last monday for Preparation Day, we played with some of the young men in the ward and other random people. It was a lot of fun. We are going to be doing that again today with a bunch of missionaries from 3 zones. This past week we also had interviews with President Clark, it was good to sit down with him and talk about the work in Lindsay and how I am doing. We had zone meeting this past week as well. We are focusing on become master planners, master finders, and master teachers. We are also focusing on talking to people everywhere we go. So we have been trying to talk to people in the streets even though they usually reject us. We get to meet A LOT of interesting people when we do that. Haha California has some crazy people!!! This past week I also went on exchanges with an Elder named Elder Carlson. He came out with me and i went to his area in Porterville, and Springville. We went and helped a member build a fence for his goats and animals. It reminded me of the days out in Goshen on the farm. I also held a snake that the member had. That is pretty much all that happened here! I love and miss you all! have a great week! Elder Jensen 

In Brody's email to me and Amie he added the following:One thing that is hard out here is seeing how sad of lives some people live. We met a lady the other day and her boyfriend beat her. She has black eyes and she showed us a bruise on her stomach from where he punched her and she lost a baby because of it. It was obvious that she was beat. There are just so many people that have sad lives and I don't get it. Like Payson Utah is a whole different world than here. I am so happy that i was raised in Payson in a strong family. Because the people here are not as fortunate. It seems like everything at home is pretty busy and crazy like usual. I got to email Bonnie and everything seems pretty crazy! Today i am gonna go and play basketball again so I will try to get some pictures or something!

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