Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Week #91

Brody was in good spirits today. He was able to chat for a long time. As you will read, he has transfers coming up this week. He is hoping he will get to stay with Elder Hopkins, but doesn't think that is going to happen. 
Its hard to believe that he only has two more transfers before he comes home. His email was really short today and he didn't have any pictures this week. Hopefully next week we will get a little more information from him. Thanks for all of your support. 

How is everyone doing today? things here are going great! not too much has happened this past week! i went on a couple of exchanges with some Elders from my district. my companion was sick this past week so we didn't do all that much. i am just happy that i didn't get sick. i haven't been sick once on my mission! 
i absolutely loved general conference again! it is crazy how good and inspired the talks were. i went in with a question to the sunday morning session and it was answered in the first talk by President Monson. i watched conference with some Samoan members from the english ward. they invited me over and we had a great time! 
this transfer is coming to an end, i can't believe it! it is so crazy! i doubt i will stay with elder hopkins again but i really want to. we get the callout on saturday night. 
that is about it for this week, sorry it is so short. i hope you all have a great week! i love and miss you all! 
Elder Jensen 

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