Monday, April 25, 2016

Week #94

We didn't get to talk much with Brody today. He was on only for a short time. He was headed to play in a basketball game with some elders from another area. He sounds great. For those of you that really know Brody, this email must be saved forever. Haha. On to week 95. Thanks for your support. 
Hello Everyone!!! 
First of all i would like to congratulate my awesome sister on winning Miss Payson!! i saw a bunch of pictures and i am sure she did an amazing job! so this past week was SUPER busy! i saw President Clark 3 times in a week! that is the most i have ever seen him. i saw him at zone meeting, the district leader meeting, and at a fireside which we sang at. it was a good week though, i got to go down to fresno and see some missionaries that i haven't seen for a while! it was a really good week! we also did some service in the city of atwater, we cleaned a park! i got to go on an exchange this week as well. i am keeping really busy which is a good thing. we taught a lot of lessons this week and have been working hard! i am not quite sure what to talk about today so i think i will share the second most important thing i have learned on my mission. which the first is my conversion to the gospel. but the second most important thing that i feel i have learned is attitude. everything in life is about attitude. we can't control what situations we get put into or the trials we go through but we can control our attitude. it can be hard to have a good attitude sometimes though, throughout my mission i have learned how to be positive and have a good attitude. as many of you know before my mission i was pretty negative and didn't have a great attitude about things. even at the start of my mission i was not good with it which i want to apologize for. i was reading through my old group emails and i can't believe how negative i was, i bet it was hard for my family to read those things and my struggles. but it has been a great learning experience. i feel like as soon as i got rid of my bad attitude time started to fly by. and i have learned to do the will of the Lord instead of my own on my mission. i wouldn't trade it for anything. i love my mission! i have never been so happy and positive in my life. and i love to see other people happy, that is why i continue to serve. i love the people here and i love the Lord. i can't even describe the feelings and the joy that i feel as i see others feel God's love and really make huge changes in their lives. i love these people. there is a quote that goes like this.... "others won't care how much you know, until they know how much you care" i have learned to love everyone out here! time is going by so fast and i don't know if i am ready for it to end, because i feel that i still have so much more to learn. a mission is crazy, but it is the best thing i have ever done with my life. it has changed everything about me. i wasn't that strong in my testimony when i first came out but now i can say that i know this is the true church and that Jesus Christ is my Savior. i am so grateful for my mission! that is about all i got this week. i hope you are all doing well. have a great week! i love you! Elder Jensen

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