Monday, April 18, 2016

Week #93

Brody's email was pretty short today. He didn't have a lot to say. I think he is trying to get the most out of everyday while serving his mission. I'm not quite sure what he means in his email when he says, "the new Atwater feel of things." He has been there for several months. One would think he is use to it. Hahaha. Its hard to believe that we are sneaking up on his last Skype home. He is continuing to work hard. Thanks for your support. On to week 94. 
By the way, he better cut that hair before he gets home or I will remind him what a pocket knife is really used for. 

Hello to All, 
first of all i want to apologize because this email is gonna be really short. this week hasn't been too busy! we have been hitting the streets a lot and trying to find. we haven't had too much luck so far but we will soon enough. we have some investigators but nothing solid right now. this last week we had stake conference and two Elders from the 70 came! it was awesome. it was probably the best stake conference i have ever gone to! i have got to play some basketball this past week a few times with some investigators and members it has been sweet! i also heard the NBA playoffs started so go Warriors! 
so up here in Atwater we got a few new missionaries and one of my favorite Elders left... Elder Smith. so we are still getting use to the new Atwater feel of things. 
this next week i am going to have a lot of meetings, i have a district leader meeting in Fresno and we also have zone meeting this week. i don't know if i mentioned it before but a 70 is coming to our mission next month. i am looking forward to this week! i love and miss you all! have a great week. 
Elder Jensen

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