Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week #96

It was great to see Brody yesterday for mothers day. He looked great and seems to be doing better than ever. He was happy and very talkative. He is loving his mission and really feels like he is where he is suppose to be. We were able to meet some of the people through Skype that have been taking care of him. One of the members said, "this is my angel."  Who would have though?!!
We also saw the baby that he has threatened to bring home with him. I can see why he wants to smuggle her home. She was a cutie. It is hard to believe, but he only has 8 weeks left. He didn't have any pictures to send, but Rachel or myself will try to round some up from his Skype and put on his blog. Thanks for all of your support for Brody. On to week 97.

Well Hello Everyone!
this past week was a really good week! the highlight of the week was when I got to Skype with my family. every time I Skype it is like I am dreaming! I feel like I am in a whole different world. I loved seeing my family and it was just a really good time. I am to the point where California is my home and that's all I know haha. it really scares me to think about coming home so I just avoid thinking about it and work. I have realized that I had to leave my family two years ago to come on a mission... and that was so hard at the time but when i come home i am going to have to do the same thing here. i am going to have to leave my family here in California. it is a bitter sweet feeling.
another highlight this week was that i had my last interview with President Clark. it was a great interview, i love President Clark. he cares about us so much and really helps us to become more converted to the gospel of jesus Christ. i also went on another exchange this past week with an elder in the English ward. we were on bikes and we talked to a whole bunch of people in the streets. it was a lot of fun... street contacting can be fun because you never know what type of response you are going to get out of anyone. 
we have a couple of progressing investigators here and are working on setting some baptismal dates! i am excited for this next week. we have a lot planned, we are going to be having a party for mother's day and are going to celebrate by eating tacos. we are also going to be holding a funeral here at the church. i am going to be going on exchanges with the zone leaders.
time is going by super fast and i am happy and loving my mission! things are going great! i love and miss you all. i hope you have a great week!
Elder Jensen

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