Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week #98

Brody is very sad to be leaving Atwater. He is very sad to leave the people there. They have been very good to him. He is looking forward to his new assignment. He did mention that he is only 15 minutes away from Atwater. I am sure he will find some reason to visit. He sent some pictures. Check them out on his blog at elderjenseninfresno.blogspot.com
Thanks for all of your support. Only 6 weeks left. 

Well Hello Everybody!! 
so this past week has been hecka crazy! a lot has happened: Elder Cardon from the 70 came, we got transfer calls, and so much more! i will save the transfer calls for the last of the email. 
so to start off Elder Craig Cardon came from the 70 this past week to visit the mission. it was a great conference. he is a great speaker and brings the spirit so strong. i really enjoyed the conference with him. i learned a lot of things about the scriptures and how to become a better missionary! it was sweet. i also got to see a lot of my friends from throughout the mission. i got to see Elder Smith again and i saw Elder Mo'o. he goes home in two days so i am glad i got to see him one more time. 
one thing that happened this week is that i got sick for the first time on my mission. it was only a one day thing but i was hoping that i could avoid being sick my whole mission. 
so now for transfer calls..... we got the call on saturday night and i found out that i am leaving the area. i am pretty sad but i knew it was coming eventually. on sunday i got a call from President Clark and he called me to be a zone leader. i will be serving in Merced. i will cover a family ward and the YSA. so i will still get to make some trips to atwater to visit the YSA's out here. i am going to be with Elder Harrison. i will be speaking english... so my spanish missionary days are over which i am pretty sad about. i am going to miss the spanish members and investigators so much and the food as well haha. i will have new responsibilities and it will be a good change hopefully. i am torn a little that i am leaving the area. i am super close with so many of the families and people. i can't really describe the feeling... the only thing i can compare it to is the feeling that i had at the airport when i said goodbye to my family. it is super hard to leave these people that i have come to love. as i have been going around and saying goodbye it has been sooooo hard. but i know that the lord has a plan and that i am suppose to be moved to merced. i am excited for my final transfer and ready to finish with all i got. i hope you all have a great week and that you know i love and miss you all! i will see you soon! take care! 
also i wanted to give a shout out to my homeboy Carson Hill on getting his mission call to the California, Redding Mission! he will be a great missionary and i am super excited for him! Congratulations Carson!  
Elder Jensen

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