Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week #97

Brody has had another great week. It is crazy how fast time is flying by. He is doing great. Only 7 more short weeks left. His email says it all. He has one more transfer left. If he stays in his current area, that means he only served in three different areas during his mission. That is crazy to me but Brody said it is normal in his mission for the spanish speaking elders to stay in their areas a little longer than what might be expected. I know it is way early to be announcing this, but his homecoming will be July 10th, so you should can be back from your 4th of july celebrations. 

Hello Everyone!this past week was a great week. so at the start of the week we had our last district meeting of the transfer because the transfer is ending here pretty soon. we get transfer calls this saturday. it is my last one and i am hoping to stay here in atwater with elder Hopkins, that would be absolutely crazy if it happened but i guess you never know! i also went on exchanges with the zone leaders this past week. i got to go with Elder Harrison from Idaho. he is really cool, they cover the YSA in Merced. so for most of the day i was on a college campus teaching kids my own age. it was a lot of fun. i felt weird walking around a college campus, everyone was really nice and would talk to us. i found a kid and talked to him while Elder Harrison talked with some other kids and now the kid i talked to is going to be getting baptized in Merced in a couple of weeks. at the college it was the week of finals so everyone was stressing, it made me not excited to go to college. we even like ate in the cafeteria with all the kids at the college. it was really cool! this past week we celebrated mother's day here in the branch. we had a party and all ate tacos it was a blast. the branch is awesome and i like serving here. one of my buddies that i got close with from the english ward left to idaho today to work. he is a big warriors fan and will be going to college at uvu next fall. he said he will try to make it to utah for my homecoming. he is a great guy! i have made so many great friends out here and i love talking with the people of california! california is awesome. it is starting to heat up again! this morning we were at walmart and some guy tried to hardcore bash with us and told us to repent for believing in the wrong jesus christ and a whole bunch of other stuff. it got pretty heated and so we just threw doctrine at him and he didn't have an answer so he would change the subject, after he did that i told him we didn't have time for his bashing and that we wasn't going to shake our faith then we walked away. he was pretty mad and said he was gonna pray for us to change so that on judgement day we will be fine. i don't like bashing but sometimes they need to be put in their place. this guy has been doing it since i got to atwater and drives past us on the road and says, "hail satan" it was crazy that he just did it in the middle of walmart. this week we have zone conference with a 70 so that should be uplifting. the work is going good and the time is going fast. i can't believe that i have been out for 22 months today! i hope you all have a great week and know that i love and miss you all! Elder Jensen
p.s. GO WARRIORS!!!! #backtoback

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