Monday, October 20, 2014

Week #14

Brody visited the mexican flea market this past week. Needless to say we all have new California Hoodies. He talked about how slow the work is right now in Coalinga but he is hanging in there. As you will read, he had some interesting experiences this week. Brody really likes to receive letters in the mail. His address can be found at
Thanks for you support in Brody's behalf. 

Hello family and friends, 
it's been another crazy week in Coalinga. So last monday right after I got done emailing me and my companion went to teach a lady. As we were pulling out this guy stopped us and made us get out. He said he was Isacc the son of Abraham. He started telling us that we had been to his house and that we knew him. I'm sure he was wasted as can be. Luckily we just said a prayer and then left. Then on Wednesday night at about 9:25 we were walking back to our apartment and we ran into him again. He demanded a ride in our car and started commanding us in the name of Jesus Christ. He had a back pack and who knows what was in it...I thought we were gonna fight with the way he was talking haha. we werent sure what to do and he started to get really mad. So I called a member from the church to come help us out... of course he thought I was calling the cops on him and freaked out. So then our friend from the ward came to help us out...and Isacc jumped in his back seat. So I jumped in the front because I wasn't gonna leave our member alone with this crazy guy haha. We went and dropped him off at the bar and before he left he said the innercessory prayer and prayed for like 10 minutes. While we were doing this I felt a really bad spirit, this Isaac guy is sketchy and must think he is one of the 3 nephites or something. We have seen him a couple of times since but luckily we have avoided him. Oh and also this past week there were like these 20 people that dress up as clowns and try to scare/ kill people. We were warned to look out for them multiple times haha. People these days are crazy. There were these 2 mexicans that wanted me and my companion to drink a few beers with them. Elder Wall said he had to drive for his excuse so I said sure why not? haha just kidding I told them no and they started telling me that Jesus drank wine, and they asked me if I was too good for Jesus. I wanted to ask them if I could sacrafice their dog that they had because people also use to do animal sacrifices. So the work is pretty slow in Coalinga. I hope you are all doing well. I love and miss you all. 
Elder Jensen

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