Monday, October 27, 2014

Week #15

As you read Brody's email, try to imagine the facial expressions I bet he had while moving the ashes. Brody looks forward to exchanges and getting out of Coalinga. He has been in Coalinga for 9 weeks. He has three weeks left. We were able to send and receive some text pictures and messages on Friday night while he was visiting a member in Lemoore. He looked really good and wanted to wish everyone a happy halloween. He even sent a video text showing off his witches broom. 
Thanks for all of your support in Brody's behalf. 

Elder Jensen and Elder Jones
So how is everyone doing? This past week was stake conference, exchanges, and we helped an old lady move some furniture around. At stake conference we heard from the temple president, mission president, and stake president. They all talked about temples. I liked stake conference because I got to see other missionaries. But it was kind of weird to drive an hour to get to stake conference. This past week I also had to give another training in district meeting, that is my 3rd one already. My favorite part of this past week was the weekend because I got to go to Lemoore with Elder Jones on exchanges. Elder Jones and I get along very well. We taught some crazy guy that was trying to show us his high school diploma to prove that he had already been baptized. I laughed during that lesson a lot because the guy was so crazy. Doing missionary work with Elder Jones was a lot more fun than with my companion. Lemoore is a busier town and I liked that it wasn't dead the whole time like Coalinga. Oh so i have a story... this past week we were helping an old lady move her furniture around and we took Gurvinder (our investigator). We started to move her tv stand and on top of it were two boxes... I read them and they were her daughters and mothers ashes. As we were moving they almost fell! We nearly spilled the ashes all over the floor hahaha. Gurvinder was freaking out when i told him what they were and refused to move it. I can't even imagine what we would have done if we spilled her ashes all over the place. So yeah that was pretty much my week. I love and miss you all. Have a great week.

Elder Jensen

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