Monday, October 6, 2014

Week #12

Sounds like Brody had a little more going on this week. It is good he is busy. I was hoping for an "I went to conference" but instead he said, "he liked it a lot", which is even better. 
He didn't enjoy it so much when he was here. Interesting how he sees the apostles as "familiar faces".
He is having multicultural experiences. He was teaching an African lady, a mexican, and a dude from India tonight. He mentioned that he likes to read hand written letters. 
Thanks for all of your support this past week. 

Hello everyone,

Well this past week was another normal week other than conference. So we met this 19 year old that is from India and his parents are like sheek or something weird like that. But he contacted us and we went and talked to him. He is having some really hard family problems and is going to college out here. He plays football for the college but he doesn't have a room so he stays on a friends couch and is looking for a job. We invited him to come to General Conference with us yesterday and he did. When we went over to get him we gave him like 4 bags of plastic bottles that he could recycle for some money. He was so surprised and couldn't believe that we were giving him the bags. He was so grateful. We then started to walk to the church which was about a mile away. On our way as we were talking he found a $10 bill on the ground. He asked us if he could pick it up and we said yes. So we then got to the church and watched general conference. After it was over this 19 year old man tried to give the money to the bishop. We taught him about tithing and he then filled out a tithing slip and payed tithing. Later when we were walking back home he said that he was going to buy medicine with that money because he was sick but he got a feeling to donate it. So here is a guy that has nothing, knows nothing about our church, and receives a prompting to pay tithing. It was crazy to see how humble he was. Anyways, I liked general conference a lot and it was good to see some familiar faces. all of the apostles had such great talks. I hope you are all doing well. Stay safe and have a good week. I love you all!
Elder Jensen
The District 

The Zone 

Little girl's birthday party from the ward.


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