Monday, September 29, 2014

Week #11

Brody's trip to the zoo was cancelled so he was able to email us today. He seems to be doing a little better. He is definitely having experiences that are helping him to appreciate home here at Payson.
He told us that there is this thing called "valley fever" and the worst places in the state for it are the two cities that he covers. it is really bad and ruins your lungs as if you have been smoking for your whole life. Some of our friends told us they plugged their nose as they drive through. Now we know why.
Thanks for your support of Brody this past week.


Hello everyone, how are you all doing? So I've now been in Coalinga for just over a month. This past week was alright, it had its crazy parts. One thing that happened was we convinced a drug addict to break her pipe and we watched her go and get it and throw it at the ground. Haha when she wasn't looking I grabbed a piece of the ground for my journal. So I was on another exchange in Coalinga with Elder Jones, and he wanted to do some door knocking. so there were these kids outside, probably high school aged. and one of them thought i was the kid that he put a gun to my head and i got him expelled or something crazy like that.
Elder Jensen and Elder Jones 
 So that was a pretty fun time telling him i had no idea who he was while he was talking crap haha. and then we knocked on another door and while we were teaching this crazy guy his 3 year old son spit on me and threw dirt on Elder Jones. This world is crazy. we also had a little bit of a "bible bash" with a guy that believed in the trinity. I also gave my first church tour to a lady and her two daughters. Another event that took place is that I had to give my first training at district meeting. I gave it on "helping people resolve their concerns" it seemed to go pretty well. Things here in Coalinga are still really hard and we are still working with our investigators to try to help them commit to be baptized. Me and my companion still have our disagreements, well a lot of disagreements. We had to get the Flu shot this past week as well. It's been a pretty eventful week. I hope that we can see success and a reward for our work soon. The Spanish is still pretty bad, I am trying to not get too down on myself. I hope you are all doing well back at home. I love and miss you all more than anything. Have a good week! Love, Elder Jensen
Coalinga Valley 

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