Monday, September 1, 2014

Week #7 Finally in Fresno

Brody arrived in Fresno this week. I was able to chat back and forth with him on the computer for about an hour. He sounds pretty good. He was finally able to get his burger Saturday after picking grapes. 
He said it is a small town not much bigger than Goshen. Go Figure. He did say the food is so much better than what he was eating at the MTC. 
Thanks for your support. 

Hello family and friends. this past week has been a long one. so i got to California on wednesday, i have a new companion named Elder Wall. He is almost 22 years old. he is my trainer for the next 12 weeks. he is super serious about the work and has been out for a year and a half. We are in the town of Coalinga. It is as far south and as far west as the mission goes. we are like an hour away from other missionaries. It is a tiny town with a tiny ward. there were probably like 30 to 40 people at church on sunday. i had to give the opening prayer and bear my testimony in sacrament meeting,
Elder Jensen and his trainer, Elder Wall
 luckily it was in english. my companion tells me that my spanish is really good for just getting out of the MTC  but i think he is just trying to be nice. so the first door that i knocked in the field an old man answered the door. he was super angry and said get off of his property and he wanted no religious people around him. and he then chased us off his property while yelling at us haha. my companion said that only happens like once a month. I like the hispanics so much more than the white people because they are so much more humble. on saturday we got to go to the vineyard and pick grapes at 4:30 in the morning. it was crazy and a lot of hard work. California is so stinkin hot, luckily we are in a car for the most part. we have to run 3 miles every morning and I'm so out of shape. we haven't got to teach very many investigators because we haven't been in our area for too long. we have ate meals with the members every night and its even crazy to see how some of them live. And what they live in.
Elder Jensen with President and Sister Clark. 
thats why they are so humble and will listen to our message. I hope you are all doing well and having fun. i miss and love you all more than anything. ill see you all soon. 
love, Elder Jensen
p.s. write me letters!!

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