Monday, November 24, 2014

Week #19

Brody is still in Coalinga. He seems to be doing pretty good with his new companion. Elder Faslev is from Logan. Brody had a lot of questions about what is going on here. Everything from treatment for cold sores to how many points Stephen Curry is averaging. He said to please mail him letters. Thanks for all of your support. 

Hello everyone, 
How are you all doing? I don't really have any crazy stories from this past week. Elder Falslev and I did some door knocking and got a lot of rejection but a couple of people told us we could come back including an old hispanic guy that gave us hugs and he had chocolate all over his mouth which got all over my white shirt  Haha. We also visited some less active members, one was crazy and called my companion a Catholic Choir boy and then he went on with some B.S. stories. People in this small town sure have unrealistic stories. Elder Falslev and I are getting along great. This week we have to give a training together in district meeting, we also got asked to talk in sacrament again, and we are in charge of the third hour on Sunday. I guess it's just a busy week for us, but it's alright. We will be eating our Thanksgiving dinner at Sister Pulcheria's, she is from Asia somewhere so it might not be the usual food for Thanksgiving. It's going to be different spending all of the holidays away from home. This past week when we were knocking doors we found a 95 year old women who was painting. We raked her leaves for her and she said, "You Mormons are clean people" That's like the best compliment we have got in Coalinga haha! Not too much happened this past week. My Spanish is still not great. Oh me and Elder Falslev set two baptismal dates for next month but they aren't all that solid. It's also starting to get pretty cold here... well cold for California at least. I love and miss you all. Have a good week and be safe. Enjoy thanksgiving break! 
Elder Jensen

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