Monday, March 9, 2015

Week #34

Brody told us that the area he is in is very difficult. He said that they have had less success in Winton than in Coalinga over the past year. However, He shared with us that he likes it better because of the fact that he lives close to so many other elders and is able to get out and do some service. He is enjoying being able to play some sports during his down time. He mentions some of those activities in his email. He was going to go bowling today when he was finished with us. This is an email I will save for sure. He actually says, "I love doing service." who would have thought? We were able to meet Brother Wilcox this past week. He lives in Atwater and has a brother here in Payson. Brother Wilcox brought Brody's temple pants home so that his mother could let them out. He said he was going on a diet. haha. We were able to send the pants back with them to California along with a care package on Sunday night. Thanks for all of your support.


Well this past week wasn't too eventful... so it will be another short email. Our area has only about 8 members and we do not have a lot of investigators. We did not teach a lot of lessons this past week and it can be frustrating. We don't have any solid investigators so we try to spend most of our time with less active members. The church here is really small, we have about 30 or so come to sacrament meeting. They are all really nice but they don't know how to do missionary work. One thing that the members do really well is they feed us!! Haha we eat so much food and it is really good. So this past week we had a zone conference! It was pretty good, President's wife gave a training on etiquette. It was kind of ridiculous, she is really 
strict when it comes to stuff like that. She said when you are with hispanics you don't have to have etiquette haha. I also got to see Elder Jones at the zone conference, it is always good to see a bunch of missionaries. The zone conference went all day long, we learned a lot of stuff. This past week we also had a couple of activities.. we played soccer friday night inside of the gym and it was good! On Saturday morning we got to play rugby and we also did a lot of service. Playing rugby was a lot of fun! On Saturday we were so busy with service and everything else that we didn't even get into our proselyting clothes until 8 o clock at night. It was a fun day and I love doing service as a missionary! The work is really slow in Winton but doing service is a good way to fill the time. This past week we also found out which Apostle is coming to the mission on the 21st. It is going to be Elder Ballard! I am really excited to hear from him, it will be a cool experience. That is about all that happened this past week! I love and miss you all! Have a good week.
Elder Jensen

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