Monday, March 30, 2015

Week #37

Brody is now living in Lindsey, Ca. He has a new companion from Blanding named Elder Pugh. He is sad that there are no other elders there. He did mention that the people are nice to him in the new area. He mentioned how hot it is starting to get. As you will read in his email, he is stating to change colors. We have been trying to get him to send a picture of himself with his helmet on…no such luck. He did however send some photos of some of his friends in Winton. You can check them out on his blog. Thanks for your support. 

Hello everyone, well this past week has been pretty eventful. So on Monday and Tuesday I said goodbye to everyone in my last area. I then came down here to Lindsay. Lindsay is another small town and we speak spanish about 80 % of the time. The members are really nice here and I am starting to understand spanish a lot better. Yesterday I bore my testimony in church in Spanish and in English. I was more nervous to do it in English for some reason. We have two sacrament meetings here, one in english and one in Spanish! I feel like the people here are a lot more humble and nice. I haven't had one person be mean to me when I say something to them on the street. They are all pretty friendly, of course we have run into a couple of crazies but other than that it has been good. It is really starting to heat up here in California. I am in an all biking area once again, so I am getting roasted. Hopefully I will be black in not too long and don't even ask for a picture of me with my goofy helmet. So this past week we did a service project with another church believe it or not. We gave away food to the community and for the poor. It is crazy how grateful and humble the people are here when they have nothing. most of them don't have a lot and they are willing to share everything they have. I don't think we all realize how blessed we are with the things we have. It has been a huge eye opener on my mission!! So here is a crazy story for you.... so my first night here we went and visited a guy that lives by a dark alley. We went in and his wife said that something was wrong with him. He was trying to talk but he couldn't. It was the weirdest thing, he was like screaming but super quiet. He was grabbing his heart and saying "mi alma" which means my soul. Then we tried to give him a blessing and he threw our hands off about half way through. He kept saying "mi alma" so his wife asked what about it. And he said "mi alma, me salio" which means my soul left me. We then looked in his backpack and there was a huge 8 ball. He was doing some type of witchcraft I guess! it was crazy. But the next day he was better. that is about all that happened this past week. I love and miss you all! 
Elder Jensen

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