Monday, March 23, 2015

Week #36

Well we got to have a good conversation with Brody today. He sounded really good. It's kind of weird that he can spend over 7 months in one location and then get transferred after only 6 weeks in another location. He is actually very excited for the move. I asked him what Elder Ballard said to him once he was in front of the other elders. Brody said, "he told me to get my hands out of my pockets." I asked why he said that and Brody said, "Because my hands were in my pockets haha." One of our good family friends, Tayge Bascom, gets home today. Nice job Tayge. We can't wait to see you and hear all about it. Brody sent a bunch of pictures that Rachel will put on his blog. Thanks for everyones support in Brody's behalf. 


Hola mis amigos,   
So how are you all doing? I hope you are all doing great! This past week here was super busy! So on tuesday we went to the airplane place and got to watch a new airplane come in! There were a lot of people there and it was pretty cool! Throughout the week we didn't get to teach a lot of lessons, we played soccer one night for an activity with the ward and then rugby the next day! The biggest news is that on Saturday Elder M. Russel Ballard came! It was a really cool experience. He was a lot of fun to listen to and he has a sense of humor as well! We all had to stand when he came in because he is a Prophet, and when he came in he told us all to sit down and cracked a joke haha. We then all got to go and shake his hand and also Elder Hallstrom from the 70 was there. Elder Ballard talked about how we can work more effectively with members and that our numbers and success rate will sky rocket if we work with members more! It was cool to be in the same room as him, at the end he opened it up to some questions. And of course my companion is the first to ask one.... so I was sitting in the back and my companion was sitting in the front because he was in the choir. My companion asked how we can get the support of the branch and the branch council. He looked at him and said "fix it" haha. Then he said, "Where is your companion?" So I stood up in the back and Elder Ballard told me to come up and stand by my companion for a second. So I started walking up there in front of the whole mission and I am sure that I was red as a tomato and I was soooooooo nervous. I then got up there and he talked to us two for about 3 minutes and it was pretty intimidating to be talking to him in front of the whole mission! Haha but it all went well. On Saturday we also had transfer calls... and they are combining Winton with another area... so my companion and I are both leaving! I am going way back down South to Lindsay which is close to Porterville. It is almost as south as the mission goes. I will be with Elder Pew. That is all the news from this week! I love and miss you all!! have a good week! 

Elder Jensen

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