Monday, March 2, 2015

Week #33

Something was seriously wrong with my email today. I didn't get a chance to chat back and forth with Brody like I have in the past. He did chat with his mother a little bit. He seems to be doing fine. A member there in the area has a brother here in Payson. He is coming up next weekend and said that he would take anything back to Brody that we could fit in an orange box. So let us know. This is a pretty short email, but should make Uncle Bret proud. Thanks for all of your support. I will have some pictures posted on his blog. 

Well this past week wasn't too eventful so it will probably be a pretty short email. So last Monday, Elder Mo'o, Elder Lord, and I came to Merced to play some basketball. It was a lot of fun! They can dunk so I was throwing up alley oops haha. They are awesome but Elder Lord actually got transferred last week! One other thing that happened this past week is that one night all of us got together in an apartment and wrestled. haha I wrestled them all and they under estimated this little white boy... haha I pinned them all, I have a bunch of carpet burns but it was fun. we recorded them all as well! this past week we also had a zone meeting... it went pretty well. We are always busy with meetings out here. we still do two hours of service everyday and they actually gave us a plane to be the crew over it. One thing that our mission is doing away with is knocking doors, knocking doors is considered to be ineffective, the stats say that one out of every thousand doors knocked is a baptism. So it is a no no to knock doors, they want us to work through members and less active members which is good with me because i don't like knocking doors at all!! So we have been seeing a lot of less actives this past week, it is interesting to see why people are inactive. All I can say is that the people of the church are not perfect but the church is perfect. We are trying to get everyone back at church. haha one other thing about the spanish branch is that NO ONE sings in sacrament meeting. it is really weird, none of them like to sing. Yesterday we went to dinner with a member and it was really good, he lives out in the country and has a bunch of chickens. he was pulling roosters out and having them fight, hahaha it was funny and he had his own little farm. that is about all that happened this past week. I love you all and hope you have a good week. 
Love, Elder Jensen

Elder Jensen, Elder Lord and Elder Mo'o

The district in a plane

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