Friday, November 6, 2015

Week #68

It seems like Brody has very little time for us these days. We only had a few minutes last week and about the same today. He wasn't able to talk to us for very long. We are not sure why. I think it was because he has found something to do on his Pday other than laundry and talk to us. He sent several pictures this week they will be posted to his blog. Hopefully he has another great week and we will be able to talk with him next week. Thanks for your support. 

Hello everyone, 
how is everything going back at home? this last week and a half has been pretty eventful and crazy! today we went to the temple, it was kind of last minute notice so that is why i didn't email this monday. but all is well here in Atwater! a lot has happened....
so Elder Olsen and I have been finding families like crazy!! we are teaching a couple of families right  now, we found  like 4 in the last week! so we are excited for that. we have a lot of investigators with potential right now! so we are super excited about that. one family we found was sweet! so we went over and taught him the restoration and had a super powerful lesson. he told us that he felt like he was gonna find his church that day when he woke up! he felt the spirit so strong and told us how amazing it felt! i believe that the Lord is blessing us with all of these families because of our companionship unity and our obedience! i have never got along with my companions as much as i do with Elder Olsen!!
this last week i went on exchanges with Elder Guereca! he is from monterey mexico and goes home this transfer! he is awesome and we had a lot of fun together!
we set up a sports night for every friday night and we play volleyball! a lot of less actives and non members come so it is really fun and effective!
on halloween night we had to be inside by 6 so we got some movies and all of our district came over to our apartment and we watched saratov approach! it was really fun, we took one of the tv's from the church and watched it! that is about all that happened here! i am really enjoying my mission right now and being here with Elder Olsen! i hope you all  have a great week. i love and miss you all! take care!
Elder Jensen

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