Monday, November 23, 2015

Week #71

Brody emailed us this morning. He usually emails late in the afternoon. He claims it was because the internet was down in Atwater and so they had to get a ride over to Merced to send an email. He claims that this morning was the only time he would have to email us. I think he had another Pday all planned out. Brody seems to be doing good up in Atwater. Transfer calls will be coming this week. It seems like he just barely arrived in Atwater and already transfers are here. He seemed to be in good spirits today. Thanks for your support. On to week 72.
Hello Everyone, so this past week was pretty good. we found a couple new investigators that seem pretty solid. so one of them is named Noberto, he was a referral and we went by his house and right from the start he was joking around with us. he invited back yesterday for carnitas! it was a birthday party as well, so we met all of his family and got to know them. they are awesome and hopefully solid! he told us he wants to be a missionary haha so we asked him if he wanted to go on teammups with us and he told us yes! he is not even a member and he wants to go out teaching with the missionaries. he is really cool, we are excited to work with him. another lady we found is a part member family, her name is Elizabeth she is from porta rico and has only been in the states for like 2 months. she seems really cool as well. this last week i also went on exchanges again, i went with an Elder that has only been out for about 2 months or so. it was my last exchange for the transfer. this week is actually transfer calls, i can't believe that the call is already here again! i really hope i get to stay with Elder Olsen for another transfer. so something crazy that happened this past week is we were sitting in dinner and then we heard like 10 gunshots. there was a driveby like right next door. it was crazy!  yesterday at church i gave a talk in spanish on the holy ghost for about 15 minutes. that is about all that has happened lately. i hope you are all doing well. have a great thanksgiving! i love and miss you all! Elder Jensen

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