Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Week #70

Brody hit the 2/3 mark this week. Time seems to be cruising along. As you can see, Brody is really busy. He emails two days late and only sends a few sentences. He was on for a very short time today. He mentioned that things were still going really good. He had a lesson to get to today and explained that is why he was in a hurry. He also sent several pictures of him at Yosemite. You can check them out on his blog. Thanks for you prayers in Brodys behalf. 

Hello everyone, 
so this past week has been really crazy. I don't have too much time so I will just summarize it real quick. so I went on like 3 exchanges this past week so that was nuts. I went on one with the Zone Leaders. we also had zone conference this last week. we are still working hard with our investigators. 
this last Monday we actually went to Yosemite with a member. it was really cold and there was snow! I can say that I do not really miss the cold weather in Utah!! haha I will send plenty of pictures.
so I have been hearing a lot about things in the news lately from everyone! it sounds like the world is pretty dang crazy! I know it can be pretty scary. I only have 3 words of advice.... "FOLLOW THE PROPHET!" the prophet knows what to do.
well that is about it from this week, sorry it is so short. I love and miss you all! have a great week.
Elder Jensen


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