Monday, February 2, 2015

Week #29

Brody seems to have had a good week. He has been having some pretty cool experiences. He sent our entire family a letter this past week indicating how things have started to change for him. He is working hard. He spends a lot of his time doing yard work. When asked if they had any riding lawn mowers, his answer was no. we mostly just move weeds and leaves. It sounds like he is having some success with his new investigators. 
Thanks for your love and support for Brody. 

Hello family and friends, 
This past week has been pretty busy. So on Tuesday we had a district meeting in Hanford. After that I stayed in Hanford for an exchange with Elder Torres. He came out at the same time that I did, he has also stayed in his first area for 4 transfers. While I was there we were on bikes, biking was alright because we saw more people that way on the streets. We taught a homeless guy and he asked me if I thought that he was crazy HahaOn Wednesday we exchanged back and I came back out to Coalinga. One thing about Coalinga is that we are 45 minutes away from other missionaries. So we don't get to see them very often. This past week we have been doing a lot of service, the mission is really pushing service right now. It feels good to get out of the shirt and tie every once in a while. On a night this past week we had dinner with a member and she is going through a rough time. She asked me to give her a blessing and I did, at the end of the blessing she was bawling. Then the next day she bore her testimony at church and said she heard exactly what she needed to hear in the blessing. It was a neat experience because nothing that was said really stuck out to me... it was just a simple blessing, but it showed me that Heavenly Father knows what we all need. He is aware of us at all times and knows how to comfort us. Yesterday we had lunch with a less active and they had a super bowl party going on. we just sat in the other room and tried to resist watching it. Haha Also last night we had dinner with The Reyes family. We invited them to be baptized and the mom and the 2 daughters are gonna be baptized on the 15th of February! This week we find out about transfers, either way I hope that I will get to attend the baptism. I love and miss you all! Have a good week!
Elder Jensen

Zone Conference 

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